Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fashion watch: Joey Samson

Thirty minutes after the successful Ivar Aseron collection was the unfolding of the last show of the Fashion Watch series featuring designer Joey Samson.  Entitled "Mitate"(Japanese term which means "a new point of view"or "seeing things in a different light"), the collection is a refreshing exposition of contemporary womenswear.  Inspired by "clothes that make the man",   the brilliant experimentation in cut and form results to outstandingly innovative pieces reflecting the art of intelligent designs.  Legends such as Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent have successfully infused menswear into their creations and created milestones in fashion history and changed the way women dress up today.  

In the Philippines, designer Joey Samson has again pushed the envelope in reinventing mannish sensibilities into womenswear.  Impeccable tailoring presents itself into new forms and proportions in outstanding pieces throughout the entire collection.  Ingenious use of men's suiting fabrication appealed in elegant classic tones such as blacks, grays, ivory, beige with hints of wine and red. Ushering a statement look of mannish chic, masterpieces displayed wonderful exhibitions in a variety of pinstripes, checks, plaids, and houndsdtooth.  Imagination captivates the audience with a plethora of refreshing and visionary ideas with awe- inspiring creations in modern androgyny. Leading the pack in streamlining the unconventional, the famed designer is braving unchartered territories to create revolutionary designs to rethink the concept of dressing up women in the 21st century. "Mitate" is a creative spectacle with a strong point of view breaking tradition with fresh insights on womenswear and what maybe the style mode of tomorrow.     
Top of the line.
Follow suit.
Design reinvention.
Skirt role.
Gray's anatomy.
New tradition.
French evolution.
Check mate.
Between the lines.
A case of black and white.
Modern coat tales.
Fashion designer Joey Samson(center) and his collection.
Afternoon Tea.  (From left to right)  Fashion photographer Sara Black, the author, Phil Star's Katrina Holigores, Daffy Morales and Look magazine EIC Melanie Cuevas.

For inquiries call Tel: 890 4419, Mobile 0918 9592541 or email  Shop is located at 455 Adalla st., Palm Village, Makati city.  

Fashion Watch 2011 is at the Lobby Lounge of Makati Shangri-La from 3-6pm, directed by Grace Molina, hair and makeup by Patrick Rosas and creative direction The Prince of Philippine Fashion--Inno Sotto. The must-see series is presented by Olay, Makati Shangri-la Hotel, Philippine Star, Preview Magazine, Starworld and in cooperation with major sponsors BMW and Metro Pacific Investments.

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