Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mindanao Inspires

Recycle-Reuse-Reduce-the core of Mindanao Inspires(MI) which creates upcycled products from recycled plastic, paper and other materials.  Amazing and unique pieces are made 100% by the hands of women living in the different areas of the Mindanao region. Filipino artisans showcase the brilliance in creativity as these artisans loom, crochet and assemble noteworthy pieces.  In essence, MI is represented by the Sarimanok logo( mythical and legendary bird of the Maranao tribe), it is a symbolic mark of the various tribes in Mindanao renowned for their metal craft, intricate weaving and artwork.
From classic to contemporary design, Mindanao Inspires showcases a range of lifestyle products from fashion to home decor. Furthermore, this inspiring venture not only saves Philippine tradition and culture( weaving) but also builds and supports sustainable livelihood to communities in the Mindanao Region.

For inquiries email or call +639395161939

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Visit Philippines 2015

 A great way to start the year in style is to plan things ahead.  The modern lifestyle is all about living in the now and making the most of what you have. Travel has become an essential luxury to most whether work or play and high or low.  More importantly, it's the enriching experience that makes everyone cherish and remember these lifetime moments.

Proud to be Filipino, the beauty of our homeland is one of the best in the world.  The Philippines is a treasure trove of captivating endless wonder. This year, this author invites everyone to immerse into this amazing diversity of culture rich in heritage and blessed with the bounty of nature at its finest.  Check out what the country has in store for you in 2015!  Mabuhay!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Asian Dragon Weddings 2014 in Thailand

Bangkok Thailand is the international backdrop to one of the biggest editorials in the latest issue of Asian Dragon Weddings.  Set among  the country's  famous tourist sights, both nature and industrial unify in a captivating visual exposition of Filipino bridal wear.   Thematically showcasing modern wedding gowns, the concept featured incantations of the sexy bride of the times .  Yes, the lady who walk down the isle exudes confidence and sexiness in elegance with the finest fabrics, details and jewelry.  

Mia Arcenas Resort 2015

Mia Arcenas Resort 2015 is the look of modern day bohemian.  Jet setting style
In ultra understated luxe, the designer's insightful creations unfold a certain nowness to the distinctly popular look.  Check out the full article in

Mendokoro Ramen

Manila's in the moment gastronomic indulgence is Japanese ramen.  With more than a dozen establishments springing like mushrooms in the city, foodies can't seem to get enough to delight their appetites.  The latest name to open its doors is Mendokoro. Located in the current on the radar scene(Salcedo village where hotspots such as Elbert's steakroom, Reidel, Lulu, Toby's Estate, Wildflour, Gino's, La Creperie and Hooch and the recently opened Pablo hold their playground).
Mendokoro is a modern Japanese ramen place with simple yet well made interiors.  Metal and wood is designed in minimalist aesthetics surrounding an open kitchen right at the center of the restaurant. Designed by Noel Bernardo( who's projects in include Republic in NY, most Elite Concepts HK restos) and his design firm EC Studio, one gets to feel the atmosphere as if they were transported to the land of the rising sun. Beauty is in the art of simplicity wherein the study of design and space becomes ultra chic. A variety of neutral tones unfold a refreshing and cool visual perspective highlighted by shadow play.
As soon as you enter, one is welcomed and easily assisted to the counter to order and get a number(yes due to the number of seats available).  Having a concise menu, one is rest assured that everything in it has been gastronomically curated.  Waiting didn't take long as we came in early before lunch. As soon as were seated, the queue outside was quite long.  This author or the super spicy ramen and ordered extra pork plus egg on the side.  Love the explosion of spice and flavors that weren't overpowering.  The pork was cooked well, the noodles seemed like it was the best in town while the egg was divine. The overall dining experience was fantastic!  Simple, quick an without the fuss and flash. Great ambience and good food is simply the best.  Mendokoro is on dry run until February and is open Monday to Saturdays for lunch 11:30am while dinner starts at 630pm with limited bowls until full operation.  A must-go for everyone but make sure to come early, no reservations and special treatments.

Amazing space.

Art of design.

Light and shade.

Linear perspective.


Earth calling.

Not so ordinary.

Spice of life.

The best noodles in town.

Love pork.

Waiting game.

Stick it out.

Table setting.

Turning Japanese with Rita Nazareno.

We are located at the GF of V Corporate Center, on Soliman St. Salcedo Village Makati. 
Tel. 215-1751