Tuesday, September 30, 2014

People Asia's Women of Style and Substance 2014

People Asia's Women of Style an Substance 2014 was held yesterday at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza in Manila.  This author and his team was tasked to style and direct the mini fashion show featuring the clothes of Vise Versa and bags by Hartmann. Starting the day at 9am, the team had to set up backstage and made sure that everything was in order.  Steaming clothes, arranging racks, sequencing the pieces and organizing accessories was done in a couple of hours til rehearsal.  Rehearsals with the models started at 2pm and since most of us were "family", it only took us 1 run to do everything.  Fighting against the winter weather temperature in the ballroom, we were all trickling in and out to get some warmth, a bit of sun and a stick of cigarette to burn.  After the quick rehearsal, hair and makeup followed.  One by one the girls sat in front of the mirror to be dolled up by NARS into the look that was set for the show. As always, backstage was seemingly like a playground filled with kids and once again the team travelled through time back into our teenage years.  A familiar setting everyone seem to enjoy since no one was unfamiliar. As the show started, everyone was set in high spirits to present a good show.  The fashion show ended on a high note and nothing can compare to having a great time with an amazing fashion family.  Fashion and play together never feels like work.

Salon selective.

Hair apparent.

Close your eyes.

Prepping up.

Sunset selfie break.

In the fix.

Makeup team.

Final touches.

Mirror mirror on the wall.

First Look.

On with the show.

The author with Allure's Bum Tenorio and Philippine Star's Christine Dayrit.

A closet full of luxury

Luxury swimwear brand Agua Brazil together with The Lost and Found Closet's Adagio by Bea Constantino is having a special  trunk show today at Sara Black studio in Pasong Tamo extension, Makati city.  The luxury swimsuit line presents its new collection with refreshing animal and botanical  prints in the most captivating colors.  The figure flattering swimwear unveils a fusion of prints creating distinct pieces like no other.  Style setting too are metallic details in interesting designs that unveil a code of elegance.  Sultry sophisticated makes a statement in these must-have pieces beach-ready for the holidays to come. 
Filipino Stylist Bea Constantino's latest creative venture is her collaboration with The Lost and Found Closet.  With this is the birth of Adagio-curated limited edition wardrobe pieces making the ordinary an exception.  Influenced by her artistry and inspiration from fashion capitals, the capsule collection boasts of a variety of minimalist pieces with a twist.  Back to basic are made beautiful with the simplicity of lines and form painted in neutral and holiday hues. Modern silhouettes define chicness as they echo a chic understatement of European sensibilities.


Artisanal Gucci

Gucci, one of the top luxury brands in the world is bringing to Manila this coming October 16-17 its Artisan corner at the Philippine flagship store in Shangri-la East Wing, Mandaluyong city.  The two day event will showcase the art of assembling the famous house's iconic handbags such as the signature New Bamboo,Bamboo shopper, Bright Diamant√© and Soho handbags done by artisans from their Florentine leather goods company.  This special event will feature and demonstrate the various stages of bamboo processing up to creating a finished product right in front of our eyes. What makes it a must-go to attraction is that these hand-crafted works of art can be personalized with hand-embossed monogramming with an inside plaque that has both location and date.  With a variety of colors and leather types to choose from, one can truly have an immortalized Gucci bag you can call your own.  An event Gucci worshippers shouldn't miss! 

The Artisan Corner will take place at Gucci’sShangri-La Plaza East Wing flagship store fromOctober 16 to 172014. For inquiries on reservation, please contact Gucci Shangri-La Plaza East Wing at 956-3433.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Asian Dragon 2014

As a fashion stylist for more than two decades, creating an editorial is never a job but an exercise on free flowing creativity. After the thematic or conceptual direction is given, an explosive and spontanious synergy of passion happens.  The team becomes one in a distinct momentum of high energy that overflows almost everywhere.  A mood and look is set to create an atmosphere and translate a visual narrative of fashion.  The latest Asian Dragon shoot took the artists to the streets of Makati city at night.  Guerrilla it was as the team captured moments amidst the constant passing of vehicles and the slight presence rain.  Style reigned that night as the dark but glistening road was brightened up by Mida's touch in ensembles that looked like glittering stars. Dresses, gowns, seperates and a wide range of jewelry and accessories shimmered with a look of luxe all in its glorious splendor.  From one layout to another, the escalating energy brought the team with an all time high in the pursuit of style perfection.  And as the night ended, the visionary appeal in a couple of hours of work made another fantasy a reality-this is what fashion is all about.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Rob Sanchez in Vinyl on Vinyl

Currently on exhibit at Vinyl on Vinyl's new home in Pasong Tamo Makati is Rob Sanchez.  His almost sold out exhibition  is celebrated in a beautiful setting of space, high ceiling and seamless industrial interiors.  Contemporary surrealism in dark hues with hints vivid tones are backdropped on immaculate white.  These acrylic on canvas masterpieces echo a seemingly dark mood in silence.  Eerily arresting, each piece has a story to tell.

Vinyl on Viinyl is located at 2135 Chino Roces Avenue, Makati city.

Up and coming exhibit at Vinyl on Vinyl: