Saturday, January 10, 2015

Mindanao Inspires

Recycle-Reuse-Reduce-the core of Mindanao Inspires(MI) which creates upcycled products from recycled plastic, paper and other materials.  Amazing and unique pieces are made 100% by the hands of women living in the different areas of the Mindanao region. Filipino artisans showcase the brilliance in creativity as these artisans loom, crochet and assemble noteworthy pieces.  In essence, MI is represented by the Sarimanok logo( mythical and legendary bird of the Maranao tribe), it is a symbolic mark of the various tribes in Mindanao renowned for their metal craft, intricate weaving and artwork.
From classic to contemporary design, Mindanao Inspires showcases a range of lifestyle products from fashion to home decor. Furthermore, this inspiring venture not only saves Philippine tradition and culture( weaving) but also builds and supports sustainable livelihood to communities in the Mindanao Region.

For inquiries email or call +639395161939

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Visit Philippines 2015

 A great way to start the year in style is to plan things ahead.  The modern lifestyle is all about living in the now and making the most of what you have. Travel has become an essential luxury to most whether work or play and high or low.  More importantly, it's the enriching experience that makes everyone cherish and remember these lifetime moments.

Proud to be Filipino, the beauty of our homeland is one of the best in the world.  The Philippines is a treasure trove of captivating endless wonder. This year, this author invites everyone to immerse into this amazing diversity of culture rich in heritage and blessed with the bounty of nature at its finest.  Check out what the country has in store for you in 2015!  Mabuhay!