Thursday, June 30, 2011

Moda Italia 2

Not so long ago this author featured the "Moda Italia" fashion show behind the scenes.  The entire tribute to Italy presented by Rustan's culminated with a showcase of some pieces from the Spring-Summer 2011 collections. Renowned Italian brand that participated in the show included Salvatorre Ferragamo, Prada, Furla, Armani Exchange, Marlboro Classics, Diesel, Tods, Ermenegildo Zegna, Coccinelle, Pucci and Bulgari which was held last June 22 in Greenbelt 4, Ayala Center.  Feast your eyes on the season's breathtaking celebration. Viva Italia!

Salvatorre Ferragamo.
Marlboro Classic.
Armani Exchange.
Ermenegildo Zegna.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fashion watch: Joey Samson

Thirty minutes after the successful Ivar Aseron collection was the unfolding of the last show of the Fashion Watch series featuring designer Joey Samson.  Entitled "Mitate"(Japanese term which means "a new point of view"or "seeing things in a different light"), the collection is a refreshing exposition of contemporary womenswear.  Inspired by "clothes that make the man",   the brilliant experimentation in cut and form results to outstandingly innovative pieces reflecting the art of intelligent designs.  Legends such as Coco Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent have successfully infused menswear into their creations and created milestones in fashion history and changed the way women dress up today.  

In the Philippines, designer Joey Samson has again pushed the envelope in reinventing mannish sensibilities into womenswear.  Impeccable tailoring presents itself into new forms and proportions in outstanding pieces throughout the entire collection.  Ingenious use of men's suiting fabrication appealed in elegant classic tones such as blacks, grays, ivory, beige with hints of wine and red. Ushering a statement look of mannish chic, masterpieces displayed wonderful exhibitions in a variety of pinstripes, checks, plaids, and houndsdtooth.  Imagination captivates the audience with a plethora of refreshing and visionary ideas with awe- inspiring creations in modern androgyny. Leading the pack in streamlining the unconventional, the famed designer is braving unchartered territories to create revolutionary designs to rethink the concept of dressing up women in the 21st century. "Mitate" is a creative spectacle with a strong point of view breaking tradition with fresh insights on womenswear and what maybe the style mode of tomorrow.     
Top of the line.
Follow suit.
Design reinvention.
Skirt role.
Gray's anatomy.
New tradition.
French evolution.
Check mate.
Between the lines.
A case of black and white.
Modern coat tales.
Fashion designer Joey Samson(center) and his collection.
Afternoon Tea.  (From left to right)  Fashion photographer Sara Black, the author, Phil Star's Katrina Holigores, Daffy Morales and Look magazine EIC Melanie Cuevas.

For inquiries call Tel: 890 4419, Mobile 0918 9592541 or email  Shop is located at 455 Adalla st., Palm Village, Makati city.  

Fashion Watch 2011 is at the Lobby Lounge of Makati Shangri-La from 3-6pm, directed by Grace Molina, hair and makeup by Patrick Rosas and creative direction The Prince of Philippine Fashion--Inno Sotto. The must-see series is presented by Olay, Makati Shangri-la Hotel, Philippine Star, Preview Magazine, Starworld and in cooperation with major sponsors BMW and Metro Pacific Investments.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Fashion Watch: Ivar Aseron

Manila was experiencing everyday heavy rains last week and yes the streets were flooded as always.  Classes was suspended and people from work were sent home due to the rising in water level plus the major traffic jam everywhere. But despite all these, nothing can stop one of the best shows to happen in Manila fashion--Fashion Watch:  Ivar Aseron and Joey Samson.  Yes the show started an hour late, but despite the downpour, the place was super packed with celebrities, industry insiders, high society dressed in cold weather ensembles.  

The first show was all about Ivar Aseron's latest collection entitled "Papillion".  Inspired by the intriguing and mystical beauty of butterflies, adaptations of wing-like details echoed through noteworthy and standout key pieces.  Strokes of genius was seen in masterful incantations with the fusion of modern fabrication such as real soft leather, tulle and jersey. Known for his architectural, sculptural and geometric trademark, Aseron's design excellence and perfection of form was showcased in a narrative of refreshing silhouettes and techniques that are fashion forward.  In essence, one can feel a mood in the new season--cool luxury.  Bold, brave and innovative, the use of unconventional tones such magenta, teal, coffee, taupe and plum is style setting the season anew.  Contemporary hues are introducing a non-conformist palette creating a powerful statement of clear subtle glamour.  The refreshing palette and fluidity of movement in the entire collection is brilliantly remarkable and to date one of the best collections of the young master. Papillion is a captivating narrative on luxe and exciting insight on the shape of things to come in Philippine fashion.

Theory of construction.
Modern rock romantic.
The new high rise.
Modern imaginative.
The return of ebony.
No ordinary short cut.
Must-have look for the coming season, soft leather in modern neutrals is
eternal chic.
Most desired piece of the collection was the leather jacket showcasing the 
grand allure of "Papillion".
Designer Ivar Aseron and the collection.
The author(in glasses) with fashion photographer Sara Black(seated), Metro magazine's
creative director Patrick Ty and Look Magazine EIC Melanie Cuevas.
For inquiries call 0928-501 3468 or visit his shop at 1145-A Antipolo street., Rizal Village, Makati city.

Fashion Watch 2011 is at the Lobby Lounge of Makati Shangri-La from 3-6pm, directed by Grace Molina, hair and makeup by Patrick Rosas and creative direction The Prince of Philippine Fashion--Inno Sotto. The must-see series is presented by Olay, Makati Shangri-la Hotel, Philippine Star, Preview Magazine, Starworld and in cooperation with major sponsors BMW and Metro Pacific Investments.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Taste of Perfection

The best moments in life are those we spend with our family and friends.  Minutes become hours as time passes by so quickly over endless storytelling and laughter.   Precious and timeless, these things no amount of monetary unit can purchase--a truth most live by.  And like most truths, there is that unspoken myth about a matter most would desire --taste.  Some say it's either you have it or you don't.  But let's not get there and start raising eyebrows, it all depends on ones perspective.  
One of taste's greatest attribute is the ability to create or make anything beautiful. One haven of beauty this author was able to have the luxury of time to spend an afternoon with great friends was at Lusso( which means luxurious in Italian).  Located at the stealth corner of Greenbelt 5, this Italian resto is the epitome of chic.  The interiors boasts of impeccable taste in furniture, lighting fixtures, table settings, flora and fauna arrangements set in gilded perfection.  One is welcomed by the friendly staff into this well-lit sanctuary of refined sensibilities.  A tribute to the senses, the luxe setting presents a unique menu made by no less than one of Manila's most respectable connoisseurs-Gaita Fores. The must-try specialties include Beef burger with Foie Grass, Salmon Tartare Mille-Feuille, Lumpfish Caviar Foam, Gnocco Prosciutto San Daniele, Lusso Foie Gras Burger, Bottarga Di Muggine and Shepherd's Pie Braised Lamb. A noteworthy wine and dine habitue for the elusive, one cannot contest the atmosphere and beauty of refinement.   

A touch of glass.
Talk of the town.
Glorious love of light.
The chic in green.
Cod of ethics.  Codfish with mashed potato and roquette oil.
Dates and Speck.  Pitted dates with parmigiano filling wrapped in bacon strips.
Midas touch.
Chocolate macaroons with Dom Perignon.

Refined symmetry.
Garden of Eden.  The author with Mel Cuevas and Pam Gonzales.
Food for thought.
Lusso is located Greenbelt 5, Legaspi Street, Legaspi Village, Makati City. For reservations call 756-5893.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Creature Comfort

Today is a saturday work day.  Despite the storm hovering over the country, there are some things needed to be done to prepare for a shoot on Monday.  Though work didn't take that long to be an ordeal, our team felt like we needed a reward--after all we did brave the rain.  It's the perfect time and weather to indulge and experience a gastronomic high. So for lunch we decided treat ourselves to dine in a nice restaurant where they serve good Filipino comfort food--Abe (pronounced as ah-beh).  Named after Larry Cruz's father Aguilar “Abe” Cruz, this ideal setting "Where Good Friends DIne" is part of the LJC group of restaurants which include Fely J's, Lorenzo's Way, Ang Bistro sa Remedios, Cafe Havana, Larry's Cafe and Bar and the legendary Cafe Adriatico. We ordered a feast ( as you can see in the pictures below) perfect for our heart's or should I say tummy's content.  From appetizer and soup to main course-s, so loving the local flavors at its finest that tickle your taste buds. Their specialties include Abe’s Chicken Supreme, Lamb Adobo with Popped Garlic, Knockout Knuckle, Binukadkad na Crispy Pla-PlaPaco Fern and Tomato Salad, BringheArobung Camaru and Betute

Definitely a must-go for Pinoy foodies out there who majorly want to pig out without batting an eyelash.  One of the more dependable restaurants who's Filipino cuisine is one of the best in town.  The team is destined to come back to this place so worthy of another food coma.  

Sketch of the founder of Abe, the legendary Larry Cruz.
The bar.
Sinuteng na pusit.  Baby squid sauteed in olive oil and garlic with basil.
Chicharon Bulaklak.  Fried pork crackling--need i say more.
Binukadkad na Pla Pla.  Fried fish with condiments.
Crispy Tadyang.  Beef ribs fried to a perfect crisp.
Carbo loading rice.
Sinigang na Baboy.  The perfect soup for gloomy weather.
Spicy Pampanga sisig.
Claude's Dream.  Named after the artist Claude Tayag, this famous dessert is a combination of fresh buko carving, pandan gulaman and vanilla ice cream.
SM's Ruth Galvez wearing a white tee by Hanes, jacket by Mango, leggings from
a thrift shop, boots from Shanghai and bag by Forward & Scoop.
Associate stylist Reg Rodriguez wearing an ensemble by PLF, scarf from a thrift
shop and hand me down lace up boots.
Associate stylist Donna Gonzales Lim wearing a knit dress by F21, scarf and lace up
boots by Zara, necklace by Mango, bangles from a bazaar and bag by Gucci.
The author wearing white v neck tee by Uniqlo, reversible panuelo by Puey Quinones,
glasses by Firma, pique pants and pinstriped shoes by Joey Samson and Marci bag
by Chloe.

Abe currently has the following branches: 
Serendra: Serendra Plaza, Fort Bonifacio (Tel:  856-0526), TriNoma: Level M3, Trinoma Mall, North EDSA, Quezon City (Tel:  901-5691 or 901-5692) Mall of Asia (MOA): Entertainment Section SM Mall of Asia, Bay City, Pasay City (Tel:  556-0608)