Friday, June 24, 2011

Green Revolution

Daniel Green.
Some thing is cooking up in Dusit Thani this coming July. Globally renowned International TV
personality, chef and author Daniel Green is coming to Manila in July 5 and you can catch a glimpse of him on the same date at 7pm in Tosca.  A leader in health advocacy, the author of six cookbooks, host for TV documentaries on Travel, Food & Living and consultant to top airlines, consumer products and brand leaders, this advocate of healthy eating and living is imparting great knowledge on how the right way to eat can change the world.  Backed up by 15 years of experience and his unwavering presence in the UK, US and Asian markets, the "model cook" of the culinary world is what every cook should aspire to be.  For all the foodies, connoisseurs, chefs and culinary experts out there, don't miss the date for this once in a lifetime experience with Daniel Green.  Take the art of eating to a whole new level from just a simple pleasure to something added with responsibility--who knows we might just save the world.
Think Green

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  1. Your trip to Manila on July 5 sounds Fantastic....I sure wished I had gotten into that years ago....I can see you love what you do....I always loved cooking....Had my Famous Shrimp Alfredo tonite...But I love the Philippino Dishes such as Chicken Adobe.....I do them all. I wish you all the luck in the world...Have fun on your trip and Good Luck...Bless you, carolyn