Tuesday, June 14, 2011

In Existence

Crystals are borne from the earth.  The beauty of these precious gifts from Mother Earth is that they are natural.  Each crystal is prized with their innate qualities and properties making every piece distinct from one another.  Beyond their material use for ornamentation, these wonders of nature go beyond what is visible to the eye. They are sources of energies and if properly used aids one in leading and living a positive life.  Energy enhancers we may call them but definitely nothing artificial.  There are a lot of reading material in bookstores that can help one learn more about them.  One of the best books so far which was given to this author by his very good friend/sister Celeste Tuviera Querido called "Love is in the Earth, The crystal and mineral encyclopedia"--it describes the metaphysical and mineralogical properties of the mineral kingdom. 
 Last Sunday, we were privileged to be the first to be welcomed to the humble "mineral kingdom" of Robin Velasco.  Together with sisters Katrina Holigores and Mel Cuevas, we headed south and when we got there, one gets overwhelmed by a good feeling of lightness that you seem to never want to leave the place. There are crystals everywhere and if you open your mind and listen to the vibrations closely, you can feel or hear them calling you. No this author isn't a fanatic but a believer of the natural--to each his own.  Every crystal has a purpose of existence, they live with us and significantly created or placed by the universe for a reason like anything/everything around us living.  Be mindful of the fact that you will not transform into a member of the XMEN or any Marvel comic superhero, they're but figments of the imagination.  No one is forced into believing, it's a matter of choice but there is the reality that these things undoubtedly cease to exist in our environment.  

Glorious amethyst.
My favorite crystal-Celestite.
Heart shaped amethyst.
Loving the hints of orange.
Another favorite.
Gigantic citrine for fortune.
For protection.
Raise your sword.
Pieces of you.
Just a stone throw away.
Looking like tomatoes.

Fashionista's would love this.
Mind boggling.
No fruit to behold.

Coral-like but not under the sea.
Appreciating crystals has a worldwide appeal as seen in the endless expositions of fanciful and fantastical jewelry.  The fascination in the material world is without doubt part and parcel of global history which can be traced back as early as ancient civilization.  Marked through the passage of time, great men and women all over the world have glorified these precious pieces for their outstanding appeal in all their finery.   Understanding crystals on the other hand is a deeper regard beyond admiration. It's like peeling the layers of an onion, one has to open up his/her level of consciousness to have a full grasp of its essence and the value of responsibility.  An alternative way of breathing and living life.

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