Saturday, June 4, 2011

A Cup of Tea

Have you ever been fond of those pearl drinks (or in local terms called sago) which became a super hit sometime ago? Can you recall the famed Zagu that's in almost any corner, supermarket or mall all over the country? Well, this author recently discovered through friend Tammy David a new haven of pearl drinks called Chatime. Located at Pioneer Center in Mandaluyong, the latest discovery is turning into an addiction--it's super yummy and can't seem to get enough of it.  The modern tea house serves contemporary and original Taiwanese flavor with a range of must-try fresh to milk teas, smoothies, juices, coffee, jelly and other special concoctions.  Healthy drinking doesn't need a lot of thinking--one can control the amount of sugar and ice to be mixed in your drink, you just have to inform the one taking your order. 
Chatime is also a cool place to hang out, have meetings and go online forever with their free wifi.  As one enters the place you might get the impressions of a take out counter, but when you go up to their second floor you'll be surprised to see a spacious white washed space that's so immaculate chic. Eye-catching modern furnishing in luxe fabrics seen on purple velvet couches and fucshia stools are the perfect style settings.  Of recent, a new branch opened in Landmark, Makati and based on what I've been hearing, it's super packed.  According to the grapevine, there will be more branches really soon.  Great offerings, nice interiors and the perfect ambiance makes Chatime a special place where you can get more than just a cup of tea.  

Time check.
If you look closely, the ones marked with a green leaf symbol before each specific
drink are the ones highly recommended.
This was so good with 100% sugar and 50% ice.
Will try this one on my next visit.
Special kind of grass which you should have with no less than 100% sugar or else
you're going to regret it.
Never really fond of red beans until the author finally tried this one on his first visit.
Beans, beans and more beans.
Down time is Cha time.
So loving the futuristic interiors.
Almost everything white and easy.
Comfy and stylish purple velvet couch.
The mascot reminds me of a tissue ad way back in the 80's.
Three's company.
Sign is all dressed up.

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