Friday, April 29, 2011

Denim Evolution

Have you ever been on an island or a place where freedom rules and you can just do anything and everything under the sun?  Imagine yourself on the set of Survivor, Lost or some remote isle in Pirates of the Carribean where everything is stripped of all its modernity and everything on the horizon is nothing but a picture of the endless sea and skies. Well, this 2011 denim brand Diesel launches its summer campaign "Be Stupid" in a whole new world they can claim their own--Diesel Island.  Where fashion is liberating and style is born to be free, the    birth of a nation is celebrated via interactive component one can participate in online.  Sounds like fun right?  

New Beginnings.
On high.
Land of no bondage, Land of the Free.
Chic castaway.
A pioneering initiative complementing the traditional media outburst, the bold move presents the Diesel website fully integrated with the campaign.  The denim world will transport virtual visitors to the island and help build the new society in shaping its laws, watch videos of island life, meet its citizens.  If any of the pieces worn captures your interest, you can buy island-friendly clothes via the interactive catalogue. In forming the world's youngest country, all Diesel stores will become the official “embassies” of the island, with flags, maps and explanations of the philosophy. As one enters an embassy, everybody gets the chance to have the official Diesel Island citizenship. A new adventure for everyone to get excited about and definitely a chic evolution in Diesel nation.  And to give you a glimpse of the their nation- building, here are some behind the scenes pictures of the campaign.

State of the Nation.
Denim all lined up.
Buggy afloat.
I stand alone, and have conquered.
Ready for the taking.
In the Philippines, Diesel is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI) and is available at Greenbelt 3, Power Plant Mall, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, and Robinson’s Place Manila.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Alexa for Superga

What is a style icon?  For this author, it is someone who exemplifies standout personal style that goes beyond trends and celebrates the uniqueness of one's fashion.  One of the modern style icons today in the 21st century is Alexa Chung.  Proclaimed by top international fashion magazines as the "best dressed woman in 2009-2010" and a recent awardee at the Fashion Awards as " Style Icon" 2010", the celebrated television personality and model is Superga's latest face for their Centennial Anniversary.  Fashion loves Alexa who has graced countless magazine covers and it is no wonder why the household Italian sneaker brand has chosen her to be their latest endorser.  No doubt this woman of style and substance has taken the spotlight and caught the discerning eye of global stylesetters, tastemakers and industry movers, shakers and insiders.  The host of Vanity Lair (reality TV show) has a certain uniqueness in her manner of dressing that breaks the mold of stereotypes.

Style Icon Alexa steps into the new with Superga.
The iconic sneakers brand that's been around since 1911 started producing canvas
shoes with vulcanized rubber soles in 1925--thus the historical 2750 was born.  2750 is definitely Alexa's personal choice which matches her aspirational personal style.  This partnership between two icons is a monumental statement bringing together to the
forefront of global fashion a refreshing look and feel for the classic rubber.  The team up
of both Superga and Alexa is optimistically paving the way for a new style statement that
will hopefully revolutionize the future of sneaker fashion.

Alexa is the centennial chic of Superga.
Tall order.
In the Philippines, Superga is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI) 
and is located at Rustan’s Makati, Rustan’s Tower, Rustan’s Alabang, Eastwood Mall, 
and Greenbelt 5.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mozza Bravo

Food!  A passion of mine to last a lifetime.  While the author was in Singapore to support designer Joey Samson for taking taking part in the  inaugural Menswear Fashion Week held at the Marina Bay Sands, we couldn't help but think of our dining itinerary in between breaks.  Walking around the huge Marina Bay Sands can take the whole day but once hunger hits you, whatever catches your eye first becomes the destination.  After spending the whole morning checking, fixing and finishing up minor adjustments with the clothes, Joey and I decided to have lunch at the popular Pizzeria and Osteria Mozza.  The world-class restaurant by Mario Batali ( a master chef of italian cuisine) is an adaptation of the original in California with some additions to the menu.  The food was outstandingly delicious and we were both savoring all the flavors in our mouth.  We took our time eating moving from one dish to another  with a gastronomic high.  From the bone marrow appetizer, to the suckling pig entree and prociutto pizza, Batali's brilliance is all worth it and one shouldn't miss if they happen to be in Singapore.  Everything exceeded the author's expectations as a foodie, and we wanted to indulge a bit more leaning towards gluttony but thank God time was on our side coz we were about to meet photographer Joan Bitagcol (coming straight from the airport) someplace else.  wouldn't mind coming back, it was definitely a great dining experience.

The Bar.

The relaxed dining area.

The table is set.

Bone marrow with marinated garlic and toast.

Suckling pig with salad.

Prociutto pizza with arugula and truffle oil.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tokyo Drift

After a series of Objects D' Art, the author decided to take a short break and put in a resto entry for a change. Monday last week, half of the team was already on vacay while the rest had to do a shoot.  The team had to get the pullouts as soon as the mall opened so we could set up and prepare for the shoot at 2pm.  The pullout  was quick so the author decided to bring the kids to somewhere they haven't been for lunch--Little Tokyo.  Located somewhere beside Makati Cinema Square, the Japanese village inspired area is like an oversized zen garden surrounded by interesting quaint Japanese restaurants.  One wouldn't expect a cluster of restos in the heart of Makati since side by side or block by block buildings stand tall in towering proportions.  A study in contrast it may seem, but being there a little before noon felt like we were transported to Japan.  Style takes a new form with interesting landscapes and design.  So serene and quiet, I could almost hear stillness speak.  As much as we wanted to go around and check everything out, the scorching heat on our skin made us feel we were literally baked under the sun.  After our realization and take note we didn't bring sunscreen, we rushed for cover and ended up in Nodasho.

A whole new world.
Wishing for the yellow brick road.

No sticks, all stones.
Food for thought.
So we ended up in this restaurant and were their first guests of the day.  The author unfortunately wasn't able to take pictures because it was too dark and honestly didn't think he had a camera until after our meal.  We had sushi, sashimi, noodles and salad marinated in vinegar--yummy.  Everything was fresh, and I don't mean from long storage or fridge.  People started coming in and all the customers were either Japanese or Caucasians-we were the only Filipinos at the time.  The menu had an extensive selection of sashimi, sushi and noodles not mention their special lunch offerings. The food overall was fab, not too heavy and most importantly super reasonable.  Definitely planning to come back with the team in complete attendance, and am sure everyone will be in for a gastronomic delight. Something all the foodies out there will truly love. 

Mikka wearing a top, necklace and sunglasses all by Forever 21, skirt by
Wisdom, bag by Longchamp and shoes by Matthews.
Rudolph wearing a white top by H & M, trousers by Mundo, belt by SM, sunglasses
by Ray Ban, messenger bag and shoes both by Topshop, 
The author wearing organic tee by Pull and Bear, black linen trousers by Uniqlo, 
pinstriped shoes by Joey Samson, sunglasses by Balenciaga and oversized quilted 
tote by Vera Bradley.
Nodasho Japanese Restaurant, Unit 14 Little Tokyo, 2277 Chino Roces St., Makati City.
Tel 8402741.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Objects D' Art: Micheline Syjuco

Art is in the blood. Coming from a family of artists, Style Narratives presents the last feature for the Objects D' Art series-Michelline Syjuco.  Welcome to the world of the avante garde where creativity runs free and the beauty of madness is unbounded.  The outstanding artist has successfully opened the gateway to an avenue of expression for modern sculptural jewelry.  The brave, bold and beautiful creations breathtakingly capture our imagination with fearless sense in eccentricities.  Each masterpiece is handmade from a fusion of unusual elements creating the artist's distinct edge and are artful strikings of the uncommon.  Crushed tin cans, acetylene burns, multicolor acid patinas,bullet shells, rocks from outer space, steel studs and cultivated rust form one of a kind originals defining artistic excellence and innovation.  These astounding expositions in poetry and prose reflect the creator's  awe-inspiring identity and experimental sensibilities.  

Fascinating the beautiful mind, these Objects D' Art undoubtedly mirror a high level of distinctive artistry that has not only carved a niche in the local scene but created a stamp in the Philippine Art world.  The acclaimed artist is like a heavenly body giving light to the darkness of the unknown and shining bright in all her splendor.  Her presence in the fashion and art landscape is an inspiration to the countless artists there is hope for the uncommercial.  A living testament of the famous saying "Stars are not made but born."

Objects D' Art is on April 30, 2011 10am-5pm at The Establishment, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig city.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Objects D' Art: Joanique

In the Catholic world, Easter is a day of celebration. In the Philippines, practicing Catholics flock to hear mass or go to early morning procession called salubong ( a procession depicting the first meeting of Jesus with Mother Mary after His death is still practiced in the provinces) to commemorate the resurrection of Christ. A day where all family members are gathered to feast and have fun( nearly as festive as Christmas but without the gifts though).  From beach to day trips(picnics) or simply visiting grandparents, it's an important time for traditional families to partake in the end of Lenten season.  

In relation to celebrations, Objects D' Art is an exciting gathering of prominent Filipino artists to happen next weekend.  The third artist of the Style Narratives series is Joanique by Malou Romero. In my previous entries the author featured this young, upcoming artist as one of the new breed of aspiring jewelry designers in the country.  Joanique is a line of fine jewelry in bold designs made from both precious and semi precious stones.  Brave and fearless, these eye-catching stunners are all about making a statement. 

Coral with diamonds and tahitian pearls in 14K gold.

Brilliant cut yellow and blue sapphire in silver drop earrings.

Cocktail Ring with Precious Stones amethyst, Pink tourmaline, Yellow Cetrine and Topaz.

Turquoise Chandelier earrings with diamonds in 14K gold.

Joanique's latest collection Pierra (meaning stone in French)is a majestic creative execution using a range of different colored stones.Sourced from all over the world, the mesmerizing cuts, clarity and tones are brilliantly pieced with designs marked with distinction. Fine detailing in vintage and art-like incantations form enchanting pieces beyond the so called ordinary.  The uniqueness of style is magically placed in alluring luxe settings thus creating fascinating objects of delight.  An investment of the times, Joanique is for the modern woman in the 21st century who's all about substance, confidence and style.

Pink, green and blue sapphire pave style stackable bangles.

Tahitian pearl with rice pearl tassel in 18K gold.
Black diamond and beads necklace with pave diamond ball and rice pearl tassel, pendant.

Objects D' Art is on April 30, 2011 10am-5pm at The Establishment, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig city.  Happy Easter to all!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Objects D' Art: Nicole Whisenhunt

Objects D Art participating artist Nicole Whisenhunt is the second feature in the Style Narratives series.  Since breaking the fashion scene six years ago with her bold and daring jewelry, the young designer has become a household name in the local industry dressing up and bedecking the most sought after celebrities, fashion A-Listers, trendsetters and the likes.  Dazzling opulence is echoed through her line of statement ornaments as they sparkle in the most attractive necklaces, bibs, cuffs and earrings.  These see and be seen precious treasures are made from a variety of crystals, pearls, beads and precious stones to dare create the most striking pieces to behold. 

Each masterpiece is a labour of love formed from high levels of creativity, extraordinary craftsmanship and meticulous hands resulting to these outstandingly spectacular sparkles.From well thought of ideas, stars are born in magnificent creations showcasing tapestries of textural splendor even the most discerning of taste couldn't resist.  

Behind it's origin lies a story, reflecting beauty beyond skin deep.  Through the years, the artist has built a library of stories defined through her wonderful works of art.  Each piece of finery is an obra maestra of artistic excellence that has undoubtedly captured the international market. Whisenhunt's narratives are distinct treasures of the Philippines that emulate style and substance echoing what we call today as intelligent fashion.

Objects D' Art is on April 30, 2011 10am-5pm at The Establishment, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig city.  Participating artists include Joanique, Joyce Makitalo, Michelline Syjuco, Natalia Lagdameo, Emi Jorge,Grace Guinefollean, Romulo Gaicano, Arturo Luz, Juvenal Sanso
Tam Austria, Tony Mahilum, Romulo Olazo and Others. 

Friday, April 22, 2011

Objects D' Art: Emi Jorge

The Manila art and fashion scene is unfolding a big event this coming April 30 called Objects D' Art.  This invitational private trunk show brings together the country's most exclusive artists of jewelry, bags, furniture and paintings.  This one of a kind gathering of astounding artistry is noteworthy of ultra-stellar attention.  Artist in both industries unite in an interesting presentation of what we have in our creative style landscape today.  Style Narratives will be featuring 4 artists taking part in this special occasion namely Nicole Whisenhunt, Michelline Syjuco, Malou Romero of Joanique Co. and first among this series is famed shoe designer turned minaudier creator--Emi Jorge.  
Emi Jorge is a moving figure in the shoes design business in Manila.  She has built a solid reputation for her line SOLEA which has countlessly been featured in almost every top glossy in town.  The highly acclaimed designer has an innate pulse for fashion and forward design sensibilities which has magically created a style and look which she can call her own.  From shoes,her creativity and talent expanded into another interest in fashion-- the world of bag making. Around May of last year, the artist debuted with a set of 14 exquisitely handcrafted minaudieres under her eponymous brand via an exhibtion entitled: Tenorio/Jorge: Filipino Specimens--held at the Philippine Center, 556 Fifth Avenue, New York.

Contemporary Filipiniana takes the global spotlight in richly embellished clutches recreating life as wearable modern art. Jorge’s artisan-crafted purses is a feast for the senses celebrating nature via fashion art made from stick, stone, metal, and shell--a homage to Mother Earth. The sought after artist is a storyteller who narrates the beauty of fashion through the art of her magnificent wonders. 

The masterful creations take inspiration from nomadic discoveries, quiet observations and isolated remembrances refreshed through memories.  History takes part as one of the moving forces behind the process of creation.  Her capsule collection is a style-forward interpretation of modern luxury and emulates the brilliance of Filipino artistry.  This master in the making is the embodiment of the modern Pinoy with the foresight and talent that's truly world class.

Objects D' Art is on April 30, 2011 10am-5pm at The Establishment, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig city.