Saturday, April 23, 2011

Objects D' Art: Nicole Whisenhunt

Objects D Art participating artist Nicole Whisenhunt is the second feature in the Style Narratives series.  Since breaking the fashion scene six years ago with her bold and daring jewelry, the young designer has become a household name in the local industry dressing up and bedecking the most sought after celebrities, fashion A-Listers, trendsetters and the likes.  Dazzling opulence is echoed through her line of statement ornaments as they sparkle in the most attractive necklaces, bibs, cuffs and earrings.  These see and be seen precious treasures are made from a variety of crystals, pearls, beads and precious stones to dare create the most striking pieces to behold. 

Each masterpiece is a labour of love formed from high levels of creativity, extraordinary craftsmanship and meticulous hands resulting to these outstandingly spectacular sparkles.From well thought of ideas, stars are born in magnificent creations showcasing tapestries of textural splendor even the most discerning of taste couldn't resist.  

Behind it's origin lies a story, reflecting beauty beyond skin deep.  Through the years, the artist has built a library of stories defined through her wonderful works of art.  Each piece of finery is an obra maestra of artistic excellence that has undoubtedly captured the international market. Whisenhunt's narratives are distinct treasures of the Philippines that emulate style and substance echoing what we call today as intelligent fashion.

Objects D' Art is on April 30, 2011 10am-5pm at The Establishment, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig city.  Participating artists include Joanique, Joyce Makitalo, Michelline Syjuco, Natalia Lagdameo, Emi Jorge,Grace Guinefollean, Romulo Gaicano, Arturo Luz, Juvenal Sanso
Tam Austria, Tony Mahilum, Romulo Olazo and Others. 


  1. wow, stunning jewelries! not a big fan of big statement, jewelries, but these are beautiful pieces :)

  2. very bea valdes i must say.