Friday, April 29, 2011

Denim Evolution

Have you ever been on an island or a place where freedom rules and you can just do anything and everything under the sun?  Imagine yourself on the set of Survivor, Lost or some remote isle in Pirates of the Carribean where everything is stripped of all its modernity and everything on the horizon is nothing but a picture of the endless sea and skies. Well, this 2011 denim brand Diesel launches its summer campaign "Be Stupid" in a whole new world they can claim their own--Diesel Island.  Where fashion is liberating and style is born to be free, the    birth of a nation is celebrated via interactive component one can participate in online.  Sounds like fun right?  

New Beginnings.
On high.
Land of no bondage, Land of the Free.
Chic castaway.
A pioneering initiative complementing the traditional media outburst, the bold move presents the Diesel website fully integrated with the campaign.  The denim world will transport virtual visitors to the island and help build the new society in shaping its laws, watch videos of island life, meet its citizens.  If any of the pieces worn captures your interest, you can buy island-friendly clothes via the interactive catalogue. In forming the world's youngest country, all Diesel stores will become the official “embassies” of the island, with flags, maps and explanations of the philosophy. As one enters an embassy, everybody gets the chance to have the official Diesel Island citizenship. A new adventure for everyone to get excited about and definitely a chic evolution in Diesel nation.  And to give you a glimpse of the their nation- building, here are some behind the scenes pictures of the campaign.

State of the Nation.
Denim all lined up.
Buggy afloat.
I stand alone, and have conquered.
Ready for the taking.
In the Philippines, Diesel is exclusively distributed by Stores Specialists, Inc. (SSI) and is available at Greenbelt 3, Power Plant Mall, Shangri-La Plaza Mall, and Robinson’s Place Manila.

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