Monday, April 25, 2011

Objects D' Art: Micheline Syjuco

Art is in the blood. Coming from a family of artists, Style Narratives presents the last feature for the Objects D' Art series-Michelline Syjuco.  Welcome to the world of the avante garde where creativity runs free and the beauty of madness is unbounded.  The outstanding artist has successfully opened the gateway to an avenue of expression for modern sculptural jewelry.  The brave, bold and beautiful creations breathtakingly capture our imagination with fearless sense in eccentricities.  Each masterpiece is handmade from a fusion of unusual elements creating the artist's distinct edge and are artful strikings of the uncommon.  Crushed tin cans, acetylene burns, multicolor acid patinas,bullet shells, rocks from outer space, steel studs and cultivated rust form one of a kind originals defining artistic excellence and innovation.  These astounding expositions in poetry and prose reflect the creator's  awe-inspiring identity and experimental sensibilities.  

Fascinating the beautiful mind, these Objects D' Art undoubtedly mirror a high level of distinctive artistry that has not only carved a niche in the local scene but created a stamp in the Philippine Art world.  The acclaimed artist is like a heavenly body giving light to the darkness of the unknown and shining bright in all her splendor.  Her presence in the fashion and art landscape is an inspiration to the countless artists there is hope for the uncommercial.  A living testament of the famous saying "Stars are not made but born."

Objects D' Art is on April 30, 2011 10am-5pm at The Establishment, Fort Bonifacio, Taguig city.

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