Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Step Ahead

What do you think would happen if two iconic brands (flip-flops and designer luxe wear respectively) come together?  The result is a refreshing masterpiece every style follower would love to have and hold.  Global fashion brands, Havaianas and Missoni, recently collaborated to create a unique collection of flip-flops to invade the world of casual style.  Stepping from the runways to our closets, these trendsetting pieces are full of bold colors and vitality--quite timely for the ongoing season.  Luxury makes an understatement as world-renowned Italian luxury fashion house Missoni partners with Havaianas to define this fusion of contemporary style.  A testament that high-low fashion is in the now and relaxed casual is the new chic.    

Loving the colors of these designer flip-flops as they bring life to every step of the way.  Despite the burst of bold brights from the prints to the packaging, the limited edition collection features the distinctive white, red and green of Italy’s national colors with the trademark hues of green and yellow of the Brazilian flag--definitely marked by Havaianas. 

The collection has three, new, fabulous designs – two for women, one for men -- that combine Missoni’s 
famous zig-zag patterns with the fresh and bright Havaianas summer colors in both Slim and Top straps.
The Missoni Spring-Summer 2011 collection showcase their masterful creations in their renowned signature prints, fabrication and fusion of color.  Reinventing style in modern cuts and silhouettes, the look is so up-to-date considering the respectable House of Missoni has been around for decades.   They have successfully stamped global fashion with distinct trademark patterns that only the legendary can do.  If you come up close and personal with each Missoni masterpiece, one can't help but feel overwhelmed thinking about the hours and labor spent creating one.     

Flying colors.
Pattern play.
Modern tapestry.
The limited edition“Missoni loves Havaianas” collection available in the Philippines are only 200 pairs and each will come inside an exclusively designed Missoni knit bag.  You can avail of these rare must-haves at luxe boutique--Adora, located in Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati City.  

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  1. its a tropical and beach style... hmmm great