Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 3: Singapore Menswear Fashion Week 2011

Free seating.
Started the day early and was at Marina Bay Sands(MBS) at 830am to watch rehearsals for the Joey Samson show and note down possible changes or anything needed still to do.  Am loving the music and set up with stills as backdrop.  Here is an idea of what am talking about...  
Stop!  in the name of love?
Oliver's twist.
En Point.
Doesn't he remind you of Jason Priestley in the original Beverly Hills 90210?
Surfer's up with Keanu Reeves look alike.
Don't look back...
Last march.
Under the microscope.
 There's a room backstage where all the clothes, accessories and shoes are kept.  Racks of designer collections fill the space almost like a can of sardines.  A shopping haven waiting for all eyes to see.  Finally was able to take a long break after rehearsal and had the day free a little before lunch.  Had to wait for photographer Joan Bitagcol coz she was coming in at 230pm in MBS.  While we were waiting, Joey and I ate at Mozza (restaurant of Mario Batali-the famous chef who had a show called Molto Mario).  When Joan finally arrived, we headed to Orchard to make a quick look around on what we can potentially add to our closets.  Nothing really much this time around, we were all on "diet shopping" mode to save for a rainy day?  Perhaps...
A room full.
Like a deck of cards.
My production i.d, plus behind are the dates and time slots of the shows and events.
Busy schedule.
Set cards of almost all the models participating in the show.
Will surely miss the Style concert tonight.
Designer Joey Samson wearing a striped long sleeve polo by Muji, shorts by Zara,
shoes by Comme de Garcons, waferers by Ray Ban and bag by Balenciaga.
Photographer/Ubermodel Joan Bitagcol wearing a searsucker long sleeve polo by
Fred Perry, trousers, bag and shoes all by Margiela and sunglasses by Paul Smith.
Garage EIC Rey Ilagan wearing a printed tee by Topman, checkered polo by Paul
Smith, trousers by Zara, cap by H & M, backpack by MCM, sunglasses by Ray Ban
and shoes by Converse.
Mica Diangkinay wearing a printed dress by Anna Sui, sandals by Hogan, accessories by
Subversive and bag by Gucci.  Maia Ruefa wearing a tee which is a gift from a friend, pants
by Uniqlo, shoes by Topshop, accessories from Thailand and bag by Desigual.
The author wearing a white v-neck top by Uniqlo, lime green trousers
by Pablo Cabahug, ivory patent lace ups by Opening Ceremony, glasses
by Edit and bag by Prada.
Microscopic puzzlement.
Makes you wonder what this photo is.  It could be the fine fibers of the pina or jusi (both are indigenous materials used to create fabrication for the Barong Tagalog)used as detailing in Joey Samson's collection.  An architectural wonder tinkering our minds of endless possibilities.  From simple connect the dots to the vast constellations, whatever comes to mind in is anybody's interpretation of this visual amazement.


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  2. luis, i love ur blog. nice to have met you in singapore! love our food exploits. Now i know u know ur food, everything we ate was so fantabulous. thanks again. tc and c u soon!:) - xoxo*