Thursday, April 14, 2011

Style Origin 4: The Ramp Crossings Part 2

As promised this is my second entry on Style Origin The Ramp Crossing.  The store's team led by Mario Barrientos and Macel Pangan were very organized.  The racks of clothes came in earlier than scheduled and everything was just so spic and span.  The high level of professionalism and attention to detail was the vibe and you can feel there was no room for mistake--thus this is one of the reasons why the show was a great success.  Everything from the clothes to shoes was in perfect fit and arranged accordingly to proper sequence.  With us backstage were quite a number of dressers(the angels of any show) who knew every piece that was part of the entire collection.  Nothing beats a collective synergism, it never fails to bring out the best in all of us.


Escalating to gigantic proportions for The Ramp show are tons and tons of shoes which were all provided for.  I love it because fashion shows rarely provide the shoes (considered sold when damaged) and this event is one of those rare occasion.  A look can never be complete without the proper pair of shoes.  Bold brights ruled each step brightening up any ensemble with their most attractive designs.  Wedges and platforms paraded the runway with so much towering style, fashion in Manila has never stood so tall.  These shoestoppers brings you a step ahead from the pack and makes you a standout in a crowd.  What's even great about them is that the comfort they bring, so need to worry about suffering in style. Even the men's shoes by Mundo were quite brave in the most striking colors and prints.      

Follow the yellow brick road.
Bright moment.
Into the wood.
Tall order.
A whole new platform.
Men in red.

Accessories are modern style essentials that complete a look.  Backstage Mrs. Paras had a table filled with stellar-like accessories all under her label-Cosmopolitan.  Trendy, luxe inspired in the most precious tones, these pieces were definitely making a statement.  Don't be fooled by how it looks, these style forward pieces are cheap chic one-of-a-kind must-buys that's so worth it.  I have always admired Mrs. Paras for being a dedicated fashion follower from the way she dresses up to how she manages her business.  I met her way back when she would consign with Anthology ( A fashion store I used to be part of as a co-owner with industry stylists Noel Manapat, Chechel Joson and Millet Arzaga) and could evidently see her  keen eye for fashion and distinct sense of style.   Her dedication and passion for the fashion business is quite admirable--always in search for the next big thing.  Even her children have picked up her good business sense.  One of the them is considered one of the most promising and talented among the young designers--John Paras--who's designs have appeared on top fashion glossies or worn by celebrities. No doubt that her brand is doing well, after all passion equates to success. 

Make a statement.
Cuffed for life.
Under the sea.
Blue and greens.
Check out these rope belts painted in gold.
Midas touch.
Check out all these style-forward pieces now available at The Ramp Crossings, 2F  Glorietta 3, Ayala Center Makati City. 

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