Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 2: Singapore Menswear Fashion Week 2011

Image model.

picture picture.

Went to Marina Bay Sands Convention Hall mid-afternoon to check out designer Joey Samson if he needed help with his collection. After waiting for almost an hour for a cab from Paragon to MBS, Joey was almost done with repairs and was already set on having a snack. I was lucky enough to bump into the three Filipino male models participating in fashion week namely Laxie Villar, Christian de la Cruz and Oliver Sands.  I couldn't help but take snaps of them to give you an idea of how they look like.  Directing some of the major shows in this inaugural event is our very own Ariel Lozada. Finally got my production i.d. for tomorrow's dress rehearsal and on the show itself. Am thrilled and excited with what's about to happen.  More than anything, am so proud to be Filipino.
Joey Samson's sequence guide.
Laxie Villar.
Christian de la Cruz.
Oliver Sands and fashion show director Ariel Lozada.
Ariel's Associate Joel Acebedo(in the cutest green pants) with one of the event's crew.
Joey Samson's display in MBS.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011


Walking inside Marina Bay Sands(MBS) is a stroll in the park.  MBS has two sides, one is the hotel ( which by the way has towers 1-3) while the other is the convention area(where the main luxury brands are located). I decided to take a look around while killing time and try to check out the latest window displays.  Saw the YSL muse 2 in multicolor and was quite disappointed to see its size.  The colors are as good as the ones you see in the latest fashion editorial in international glossies, leather is excellent but the size is complimentary to those who are petite.  Definitely not functional but excellent to play and display.  As I got out of the store, I was distracted by the size of a shoe which I remember correctly has already been marked in history.  Low and behold beside the escalator was this colossal masterpiece by Salvatore Ferragamo.   The replica is the legendary rainbow sandal which was built in 1938 for hollywood icon Judy Garland(Wizard of Oz).  The original piece can be seen at the Museo Salvatore Ferragamo Situated in Florence, on the basement of Palazzo Spini Feroni, Via Tornabuoni n. 2. Opened to the public in 1995, the museum was built as an homage to showcase Ferragamo's exceptional artistry and relevance in the history of shoe design and global fashion.   Indeed, this is proof that the highest level of artistic expositions and brilliance in design produce fantastic masterpieces worth living for.   And as the saying goes, "great shoes do come a long way."

Day 1: Singapore Menswear Fashion Week 2011

It was a really long day for the "Pinoy" team participating at the Singapore Menswear Fashion week.  We arrived at Marina Bay Sands convention center early in the afternoon and started fitting the models at 7pm.  Joey Samson's team (including the author) did preparations and final check on the collection prior to the fitting.  We had a total of 20 models of which will all wear two sets to complete the 40 piece collection. The fitting was a bit chaotic not because there was lack in organization but there were quite a handful of drop dead models.  Fortunately one Filipino model--Laxie Villar (Mercator)--currently trying the market made it to the lineup. Two other Filipino designers namely Jerome Llorico and Jasler Ubaldo (Singapore based) are also participating and will be part of the group shows. The shows are all slated on April 2--Jerome and Jasler will be part of the 3pm show while Joey will be having a solo show at 5pm.  The venue is huge but still being set up, but am looking forward when everything is all ready for the opening of the grand event tomorrow.  Singapore Menswear Fashion week is from March 30-April 3,showcasing a range of menswear designs from the best of the region.  

The main entrance.

Room assignment.

The collection.

Up close.

Fabric play.

Neutral landing.

All line-d up.

An experiment on texture.

Designer Joey Samson with his sea of shoes. 
Not so little red riding hood.

My mother in the industry, fashion show director Ariel Lozada.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Parisian Summer 2011 Lookbook

After more than a month since my Boracay entries, our shoot is finally on print.  Fashion forward shoe brand Parisian presents its 2011 Summer lookbook.  The latest and hottest in both bags and shoes are trendsetting the local retail scene in front row style.  Spot on the trend detailing and a kaleidoscopic spectrum of the most wanted hues display an irresistible global appeal to tickle your excitement.  Touch the color from neutral tones to the boldest of brights and there's no mistake this time, it's all a matter of choice. Satisfy your shoe fetish in an array of must-haves such as flats, wedges, platforms and towering heels that will keep you parading the days of summer. The shoe fits perfectly in a variety of prints, braids, cutouts and fantastic wood works. Wonder in delight with these cheap chic items sure to make a bold statement to compliment your updated wardrobe.  Parisian has definitely made a mark in local retail landscape by raising the style bar to international standards.  More importantly, with their new and improved comfort, you can keep on walking all day and night worry free.  Step ahead of the pack and strut your style in stellar confidence because it will never be the same without a Parisian.

Shot on located in Boracay Island.  Photography by Pat Dy, Styling by Luis Espiritu Jr., associate styling by Belle Camarsi, Reg Rodriguez, Donna Gonzales Lim and Rudolph Leonor.  Makeup by Bobby Carlos, makeup assistant Ria Aquino, hairstyling by Felicity Son. Parisian is exclusively available at all SM Department Stores nationwide.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sweet Haven

Going to the spa is one of the ultimate joys and the perfect place to distress.  I was recently invited at the posh Devarana Spa at Dusit Thani in Makati by no less than 2011 Women of Allure awardee PR Manager Ms. Danelle Palang to try their most special offering.  Decided to go one night after a hard day's work to check out the Scrub Cake treatment that everyone's raving about.  I was welcomed by a great staff who's royal treatment I highly commend and servicing that's definitely nothing below five star.  
The Scrub cake treatment is the first of its kind in the Philippines. These sweet skin wonders come in four luscious treats to choose from namely Carrot & Orange, Butterfly Pea and Coconut, Green Tea & Red Bean and Pumpkin & Bael Fruit. Made from organic components, the natural one hour indulgence is a wonderful experience of rejuvenating the senses.  The skin comes to life as it is polished to perfection taking away all the dirt, excessive oils and actually feel "purified".  One falls under a trance with it's soothing aroma while it gently cleanses, exfoliates and nourishes every part of the body. The purifying and hydrating properties of this specially concoction refreshingly leaves your skin smooth with a radiant glow.  One is "lifted" with that unmistakable feeling of light and bright. I highly recommend this sweet special treatment and assure you it's all worth it.  I didn't want to leave this new found sanctuary but honestly the scent really made me hungry. Being a certified spa-addict, am really thinking of coming back soon.  After all, why settle anything less somewhere else when you've already experienced the unforgettable heaven in a scrub.  

Let them eat cake.

The most popular carrot orange scrub.
Cake offerings
The Scrub Cake treatment is exclusively available this 2011 at Devarana Spa, 2nd Floor Dusit Thani Manila. You can reach them at +632 8673333 ext 3941, +632 8187065 or 

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spotting Vantage

A moon ago I dropped by the exhibit of one of the most celebrated photographer in the country--Mark Nicdao for the launch of his first book entitled Vantage.  Displayed in the heart of Greenbelt 5, was a sleek visual presentation of more than a handful of the artist's favorite works.  The arresting photos of the hottest celebrities from simple to the most stylized, presented each picture capturing a mood, feeling and even a story to tell.  Congratulated Mark but had to leave early for another engagement.  Heard the day after the place was packed with celebrities, colleagues, fashion and advertising personalties etc.  Truly an important event one shouldn't have missed.  Beyond all the pictures and the book, it was really all about the exceptional eye that made a forever "mark" in our hearts. 
Shooting stars.
Style in narratives.
Branding and multiplicity.
Fashion moments.
The joy of emotion.
Pretty boy gangster and In The Mood for Love.
Iconic and modern portraiture.
Close up and movement.
My favorite is this chiaroscuro(charcoal painting)-like black and white photo of Richard Gutierrez that semiotically translated a certain mood of calmness.

Early birds from left to right:  Fashion designer Patrice Ramos Diaz, the author, Mark Nicdao, photographer Joan Bitagcol, fashion stylist Corine Alegre, fashion designer's Louis Claparols and Joey Samson. (Photographer Sara Black, People Asia's Tatum Ancheta and Homme et Femme's Tadi de Leon not in photo)

A cup of Coffee

The art of coffee drinking in the Philippines has become a phenomenon.  The mushrooming of Starbucks in the country should be recorded as a milestone and success story in the industry.  I fondly remember we used to hang out more than a decade ago for hours in their flagship store in 6750 Ayala. Now on its 13th year, the prestigious name recently opened their  First Drive Thru Store in the middle of Fort Bonifacio Global City and the name of the branch is called 32nd and 7th St.  
Designed by a Fil-American Designer who works in the Seattle Support Center, the latest habitue for coffee lovers showcases design innovation and an appealing kind of seating as part of continuing to offer more options in servicing the needs and demands of the modern Filipino.  The chic interiors showcases a fusion of global contemporary style and the distinctly Filipino traditional to promote the significance of local relevancy.  The prominent use of Capiz from an old house in Laguna for the walls, the live edge wood from Pampanga and other design highlights define the unique modern aesthetics to compliment their impeccable servicing.  The LEED( Leadership in Environment and Energy Design) certified haven makes Starbucks the first retail establishment of its kind in the country.  Furthermore, the branch uses LED lights and has a Co2 Monitor that checks the air levels inside the store, once it reaches a high level of carbon monoxide the ACU introduces fresh air inside.  Talk about being super hi-tech right?  The stealth place is perfect for people who want a quiet place where they can catch up with friends, do their work or even just lounge around.  Unpretentious and not intimidating, the spacious haven is greatly complimented by easy listening music and the stillness that speaks.
First class customer service is the driving force behind the forward step towards developing more offerings for the Filipino and the contemporary lifestyle.  The customer is always right and convenience is presented with top priority.  More importantly,it's the smile of satisfaction that makes the mark plus the pride and dignity that comes with every cup of coffee.