Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 1: Singapore Menswear Fashion Week 2011

It was a really long day for the "Pinoy" team participating at the Singapore Menswear Fashion week.  We arrived at Marina Bay Sands convention center early in the afternoon and started fitting the models at 7pm.  Joey Samson's team (including the author) did preparations and final check on the collection prior to the fitting.  We had a total of 20 models of which will all wear two sets to complete the 40 piece collection. The fitting was a bit chaotic not because there was lack in organization but there were quite a handful of drop dead models.  Fortunately one Filipino model--Laxie Villar (Mercator)--currently trying the market made it to the lineup. Two other Filipino designers namely Jerome Llorico and Jasler Ubaldo (Singapore based) are also participating and will be part of the group shows. The shows are all slated on April 2--Jerome and Jasler will be part of the 3pm show while Joey will be having a solo show at 5pm.  The venue is huge but still being set up, but am looking forward when everything is all ready for the opening of the grand event tomorrow.  Singapore Menswear Fashion week is from March 30-April 3,showcasing a range of menswear designs from the best of the region.  

The main entrance.

Room assignment.

The collection.

Up close.

Fabric play.

Neutral landing.

All line-d up.

An experiment on texture.

Designer Joey Samson with his sea of shoes. 
Not so little red riding hood.

My mother in the industry, fashion show director Ariel Lozada.

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