Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Skulls remind us so much of bones, cadavers and the rest that's creepy and morbid.  Global fashion's late Alexander McQueen transformed the figure of darkness into a symbol of iconoclastic style.  From science class to fashion runways, the tales from the dark side piece transformed into one of the statement trends back in 2009 when Rock chic was globally conquering fashion.  Celebrities known to have welcomed the look were Victoria Beckham, Nicole Richie, Rihanna and 50 cents.  From the most covetable clutch, watches, accessories and print, the reinvention has gone mainstream beyond its Halloween appeal.
My designer intern Mikka Velasquez recently stumbled upon skull beads and decided to make them into funky bracelets.  Updated in the current season's color trending, they come in black, brown, pink, green, purple, yellow and red.  She used vintage like accessories to put these cute "skullies" together.  Loving how the skull progressed from the rock look into something more chic quirky.  You can get the small skull bracelets for 300 pesos while the medium sized ones at 350.  These stylish ornaments are the perfect accent for those classic ensembles.  Nothing wrong being skulled for life right?

All heads up.
Skulled for life.
Tickled pink.
The bone collector.
Lovely bones.
You can reach Mikka Velasquez at  +63927 377 8276

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