Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spotting Vantage

A moon ago I dropped by the exhibit of one of the most celebrated photographer in the country--Mark Nicdao for the launch of his first book entitled Vantage.  Displayed in the heart of Greenbelt 5, was a sleek visual presentation of more than a handful of the artist's favorite works.  The arresting photos of the hottest celebrities from simple to the most stylized, presented each picture capturing a mood, feeling and even a story to tell.  Congratulated Mark but had to leave early for another engagement.  Heard the day after the place was packed with celebrities, colleagues, fashion and advertising personalties etc.  Truly an important event one shouldn't have missed.  Beyond all the pictures and the book, it was really all about the exceptional eye that made a forever "mark" in our hearts. 
Shooting stars.
Style in narratives.
Branding and multiplicity.
Fashion moments.
The joy of emotion.
Pretty boy gangster and In The Mood for Love.
Iconic and modern portraiture.
Close up and movement.
My favorite is this chiaroscuro(charcoal painting)-like black and white photo of Richard Gutierrez that semiotically translated a certain mood of calmness.

Early birds from left to right:  Fashion designer Patrice Ramos Diaz, the author, Mark Nicdao, photographer Joan Bitagcol, fashion stylist Corine Alegre, fashion designer's Louis Claparols and Joey Samson. (Photographer Sara Black, People Asia's Tatum Ancheta and Homme et Femme's Tadi de Leon not in photo)

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