Thursday, March 24, 2011

A cup of Coffee

The art of coffee drinking in the Philippines has become a phenomenon.  The mushrooming of Starbucks in the country should be recorded as a milestone and success story in the industry.  I fondly remember we used to hang out more than a decade ago for hours in their flagship store in 6750 Ayala. Now on its 13th year, the prestigious name recently opened their  First Drive Thru Store in the middle of Fort Bonifacio Global City and the name of the branch is called 32nd and 7th St.  
Designed by a Fil-American Designer who works in the Seattle Support Center, the latest habitue for coffee lovers showcases design innovation and an appealing kind of seating as part of continuing to offer more options in servicing the needs and demands of the modern Filipino.  The chic interiors showcases a fusion of global contemporary style and the distinctly Filipino traditional to promote the significance of local relevancy.  The prominent use of Capiz from an old house in Laguna for the walls, the live edge wood from Pampanga and other design highlights define the unique modern aesthetics to compliment their impeccable servicing.  The LEED( Leadership in Environment and Energy Design) certified haven makes Starbucks the first retail establishment of its kind in the country.  Furthermore, the branch uses LED lights and has a Co2 Monitor that checks the air levels inside the store, once it reaches a high level of carbon monoxide the ACU introduces fresh air inside.  Talk about being super hi-tech right?  The stealth place is perfect for people who want a quiet place where they can catch up with friends, do their work or even just lounge around.  Unpretentious and not intimidating, the spacious haven is greatly complimented by easy listening music and the stillness that speaks.
First class customer service is the driving force behind the forward step towards developing more offerings for the Filipino and the contemporary lifestyle.  The customer is always right and convenience is presented with top priority.  More importantly,it's the smile of satisfaction that makes the mark plus the pride and dignity that comes with every cup of coffee.

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