Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Malacca is a fascinating travel destination rich in history. One of Malaysia's cultural treasures showcase priceless landmarks and ruins which makes it a UNESCO World Heritage site . The historical city is painted not only with hues seen on the buildings, streets, establishments and decorative vehicles but more so with tradition and culture that keeps the spirit of "Melaka" alive.  Walking down the interesting streets gives you a feeling of being transported in history.  Influenced by the Dutch and Portuguese, the beauty of its remains reflects the beauty of the city's multicultural attraction.  Endless old houses with painted window panels and facade is more than a sight to behold. The once Straits of Malacca was known to be the passage way of global voyagers and the international port became one of the prime centers of trade in Southeast Asia.  The local cuisine is a gastronomic haven of a variety of dishes from the common street food to speciality restaurants.  Laksa satay and spices overflow the menu with endless delicacies but nevertheless like a feast for the gods. 
Traveling to Malacca is truly a memorable experience. A must-go for culture vultures where history unfolds its endless landscapes.  Foodies wouldn't want to miss this as well as it is definitely a haven for the gastronomic adventurer.  

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Bagging it with SC Vizcarra

Love bags! What used to be the thing for women whether the "IT" or most expensive brand is nowadays equally essential for men.  Whatever shape, size, color or texture, fashion has declared stylish bags universal for both.  
In the Philippines, a pillar in the local industry--SC Vizcarra recently came out with their latest attraction--the paper sac clutch.  Inspired by the paper bag, the modern style piece display excellence in both quality and design. Made from the best leather, this unique must-have is more than a flash of style as it boasts in both function and form.  The clutch comes in a variety of  classic to subdued hues and  basic to luxe textures. All handmade by brilliant artisans, each creation comes with great pride and can be custom made. The beauty of this masterpiece lies in simplicity, international competence and ingenious creativity which has been some of the prime standards of SC Vizcarra. The perfect present is ultimately chic and the perfect style possession. 
Braving the forefront, this significant take on the ultimate accessory exemplifies the global Filipino artistry moving into the current times.  

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Salvatore Mann holiday 2013 campaign BTS

Shooting for two days for a major advertising campaign can be quite taxing. With a huge team both on and off the set, logistics and work can be quite tedious --but it can also be a breeze. Working with friends in the industry makes everyone's experience rewarding. Recently finished the Salvatore Mann holiday campaign shoot with no other than top celebrity/TV host Luis Manzano.  Working with the actor has always been more than a pleasant experience.  With a life under the dazzling spotlight, the down to earth man about town has impeccable work ethics and modest demeanor.  His aura pleasantly defines a positive working environment for everyone.  What sets him apart from his contemporaries and most in his industry is his humility and no sense of entitlement which people can't help but admire.  Long working hours are cut short with his professionalism and dedication to his craft which most take for granted.  It was a fun-filled despite the lighting set ups which really took most of the time. Nothing but good vibes and energy with a dose of heartfelt laughters. With this kind of energy in an working environment, there's never a dull moment but just a lot of pleasantries. Among the handful in his industry, Luis Manzano truly exemplifies an actor with both style and substance. The world needs more of this modern man who's definitely more than meets the eye.

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Height of steel

In the heart of what is now globally renowned as "Truly Asia", Malaysia's Petronas Towers is a colossal attraction that has captivated the world as a vacation destination.  Kuala Lumpur's pride is located at the city center surrounded by concrete structures of shopping.  These twin towers boast of  impressive architecture recognized all over the world.  Connecting both is a tunnel walkway where one feels the power of the wind as if making their presence felt.  Upon reaching the peak, a  breathtaking 360 degree view of the city unfolds.  The spectacular scenery from the skyscraper gives a birds eye view of the cityscape. Unless you have great fear of heights, one can't help but be mesmerized by the allure of the metropolis.  Both tourists and locals are blown away as one gets the feeling of being on top of the world. Remember to come in early due to the long's one metal wonder that's a sight o behold.