Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Missing Versailles

At one moment in time in France, this author and close friend/jewelry designer Malou Romero decided to visit one of the  famous landmarks of the country- Versailles.  Behind the golden gates that welcomes you is the grandeur of the gilded French old world charm where luxury is at its finest.  Rich in history, this summer palace was once the playground and setting of the most lavish parties of Marie Antoinette. Not enough words can define and describe the captivating opulence seen from the tiniest to grandest of detail.  The palatial allure is breathtaking where the magnitude of art is seemingly everywhere like the air we breath in. Imagination runs wild and makes one wonder the secret lives of royalty.  Every room and corner sets a mood with stories to tell. One is treated to the luxury of space except during the summer where tourists come more than thousands a day(the scene would definitely elbow to elbow-shoulder to shoulder). Sparkle and shine fill the rooms and hallways with ornate crystal chandeliers, wall to wall mirrors and an endless see of prized fabrics. A perfect representation of beauty of an era or a time that was where we can only dream of. 
From the luxe palace we move to the amazing gardens. Love for nature Lush manicured greeneries go as far as the eyes can see. Beautiful white and golden statues are set against walls of greens like watchers of this priceless scenery. One cant help but stop for a moment to take in the beauty its picture perfect view.  Water is in abundance with lovely centuries old fountains that create nothing but music to ones ears. 
 A memory indeed for the books, a must visit in France you wouldn't want to miss. 

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