Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Salvatore Mann holiday 2013 campaign BTS

Shooting for two days for a major advertising campaign can be quite taxing. With a huge team both on and off the set, logistics and work can be quite tedious --but it can also be a breeze. Working with friends in the industry makes everyone's experience rewarding. Recently finished the Salvatore Mann holiday campaign shoot with no other than top celebrity/TV host Luis Manzano.  Working with the actor has always been more than a pleasant experience.  With a life under the dazzling spotlight, the down to earth man about town has impeccable work ethics and modest demeanor.  His aura pleasantly defines a positive working environment for everyone.  What sets him apart from his contemporaries and most in his industry is his humility and no sense of entitlement which people can't help but admire.  Long working hours are cut short with his professionalism and dedication to his craft which most take for granted.  It was a fun-filled despite the lighting set ups which really took most of the time. Nothing but good vibes and energy with a dose of heartfelt laughters. With this kind of energy in an working environment, there's never a dull moment but just a lot of pleasantries. Among the handful in his industry, Luis Manzano truly exemplifies an actor with both style and substance. The world needs more of this modern man who's definitely more than meets the eye.

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