Sunday, August 11, 2013

And the winner is...

Styling beauty pageants ain't an easy task with more than a dozen girls try to outdo each other.  For the second time, the style team was tasked to do the recently concluded Ms. Makati 2013 held at the Makati coliseum which was directed by Jackie Aquino and the JCA team.  The quest to the crown is quite a tedious process where both beauty and brains go through a series of tests. From swimsuits to evening gowns, the showcase of muses is an amazing anatomical display of the female form.  Behind the lights lies a high level of pressure among the ladies who share laughters and tears in between sequences and makeup retouches.  Running from one portion to another, chaos breaks loose as quick changes happen in only a few minutes as if one tries to catch their breath to make it back to the spotlight. When each contestant waits behind the stage, pressure rises anxieties come to play and hands become as cold as ice...waiting to exhale.  But no matter how toxic the backstage scene maybe, each girl wears a unfazed ear to ear smile to face the many. At the end of the night, one girl is crowned with a promising future and responsibility.  After all the grueling process , the title is really all about service and beauty with a purpose.

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