Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Started my day with a wonderful note from the son of one of my associate stylist Donna Gonzales Lim who's name was Carlos.  The happy smile and the cutest greeting from an innocent child made my heart melt.  Nothing can be so true and pure you can tell the universe was embracing you with its warmest hello.  After picking up Donna, we headed all the way to Quezon city for a preprod and met my other associate Reg Rodriguez at a client's office.   Work finished early so decided to meet up with friends in Makati to have late snacks/early dinner to semi celebrate my Bday.  On my way back, the traffic was horrible and still had to drop off Reg and Donna in Promenade(Greenhills).  As soon as they were dropped off, the minutes turned into hours.  The traffic was starting to be quite upsetting and of all days, it had to be the most important day of my life.  After an hour and a half of endlessly counting hair on my head(or what's barely left of it), finally arrived at Joey Samson's atalier super late and apologetic. There waiting was Fashion photographer Joan Bitagcol and fashion stylist Corine Alegre together with Joey. Hate being late, embarassed to keep people waiting for almost an hour and didn't know how to redeem myself with the situation. So decided to just shrug the irritation off my shoulders and decided to just go on with the flow and enjoy the remains of the day.  Joan and Corine started getting into a petty fight because the former wanted to show me something before heading out to eat while Corine was as famished as ever and didn't see the need for any delay.  So I decided to check out Joan's work in her studio(which was just next door) so we could proceed and get it done and over with since I figured it would only take a few minutes.  As I headed upstairs and tried opening the door of her studio.  SURPRISE!!!  

My day began with a sweet note from a three year old child.

Touch of love.

Ready to fire.

This is the unforseen moment.

Tic Toc Tic Toc.  Everyone was there since 330pm and I got there by 5pm.

Just wanted to run away but couldn't escape.

Security blanket.

More than a million smiles.


Needed a hug.

One by one.

Light of my life.

The moment of truth. All 40 cupcakes.

Suprise!!! Am one who hates surprises.  Maybe because of the fact that you don't know what's going to happen and in another aspect its probably the control freak in me not piloting a situation.  But this one takes the cake and will go down in my history as one of the most touching and memorable moment in my life.  This author had a neverending overwhelming mix of emotions seeing everyone in the room filled with smiles and the warmest of greetings.  My knees were shaking, heart palpitating and a sudden rush that made me almost run out the door (unfortunately there were people behind me and my effort became futile).  Couldn't believe such a thing could happen, didn't even have the slightest clue of anything.  Everyone who was there(and was supposed to be there) were the ones who are important in my life.  Each and everyone of them have become soulful marks of experience that have filled my days with so much meaning and being. 

Knights of the round(?) table.

Ladies in waiting.

My bunsos.
Tres amigas.
The word "happy" is an understatement.  I cannot even begin on saying how grateful and humbled I am that no amount of words can come close to describe the feeling.  There was also a surprise video presentation which my siblings, mom and nephews from abroad participated in.  Then the most dreaded thing happened, I broke into tears. Definitely, an unforgettable  defining "moment" of truth crossing over years that passed by, a tapestry of worthwhile experiences, the driving force for once existence and a step into a life of new beginnings at 40.  Yes, every moment counts, and no matter how big or small it is, everything is priceless.

A child at heart.


What is?


Can you feel my heartbeat?

The culprits.

What did you say?

Just a smile away.



Last action hero?

Jump for joy.

Twin hearts.


Peace be with you.
Cheers!  Welcoming the year with an enlightened heart and an optimistic outlook in life.  Yes, there's no better way to start the year but with a good surprise.  Change is always good and for the better, one can never count the ways.  Doubts, fears and inhibitions begin to fade while the beckoning of new chapter signals a breath of fresh air to the coming days, months and years ahead.
Bottoms up.

Fashion designer Louis Claparol's smile from ear to hear.

Associate stylist Rudolph Leonor and Metro magazine's creative director Patrick Ty.

Fashion photographer Sara Back and Associate stylist Reg Rodriguez.

Associate stylist Donna Gonzales Lim and fashion stylist Corine Alegre with designer
 Louis Claprols and fashion photographer Joan Bitagcol.

Style files (from left to right):  Look magazine EIC Mel Cuevas, Corine Alegre, Sara Black with YStyle's Bea Ledesma (standing) and Patrick Ty.

Lancome's Pia Reyes with Max Factor's Bobby Carlos.

Mel Cuevas with fashion designer Joey Samson.

Stylist Geo Palmiano and Adfolio's Lora Antenor.

The author with Mel Cuevas.

Huggies with SM's Ayen Florendo.

Three's Company.

More huggies with up and coming photographer Mau Aguasin.

Close for comfort with photographer Sara Black.

Heart of Palm.  With fashion photographer Joan Bitagcol and designer Joey Samson.

Better late than never.  With stylist Mikey de Guzman.

The originals with Mau de leon(in green).

Diamonds.  With Metro Wedding's Trish Juico and Mel Cuevas.

All time favorite.

Art and beauty. With Pia reyes.

Zashikins. with Trish Juico.

Life to the max.  With Bobby Carlos.

An eye for design.  With Ivar Aseron.

Lets make magic.

Lucky charm.  With Mary Grace Caison.

Prized Possesion. The author with Donna, Rudolph, Reg and Mikka.
Thank you for the surprise most specially to those who planned it well (actually too well).  The euphoric feeling dragged on and coudn't even sleep that night.  In life, one doesn't need to look far into the horizon to find blessings, sometimes the most beautiful things in life are up close and personal. And with that, they serve as inspiration to continue the passion of creating and recreating, service for others and purposeful existence of being.  Thank you guys you know who you are.