Monday, August 29, 2011

The Max Factor

The makeup of makeup artists.
One working saturday, this author and his team had to do errands for a shoot.  The team was in and out of several malls and designer ateliers sourcing fashion pieces for the wardrobe requirements.  After collecting everything, we decided to visit Max Factor's Creative Director Bobby Carlos at his scheduled mall tour held in Robinson's Ermita.  It wasn't really much of a hassle getting there since the team was near the vicinity.  The mall was unbelievably packed, as expected the weekend crowd are like packs of mobs moving from one area to another.  As soon as we got to the Max Factor counter, the girls started asking Bobby about beauty tips and the brand's latest -- Xperience. Below is the range of must-try products the renowned makeup brand has to offer.

Lash it all out.
Tint to perfection.
The new bestseller.
Paint your lips.
Lip service.
All aglow.
The counter was filled by walk-in customers who each took their turns having a one on one semi-session with Bobby.  Knowledge is power, and after every successful consultation you could see the women with a handful of purchases.  You could see a smile on their faces since they've learning something new.

Mother-daughter session.
Tips for the corporate lady.
Brief encounter.
Associate stylist Donna Gonzales Lim takes the lash volume.
Ladies at the counter.  Shemill and Aiza  ready to give it all to the max.
The supportive Max Factor team (from left to right)  Sales Manager Tess Pantoja,
Associate brand manager Jamei Pangilinan and marketing asistant Hannah Riego.
Associate stylist Mikka Velasquez steals a kiss.
Associate stylists Donna Gonzales Lim and Rudolph Leonor spots the max factor.
The author.
A star is born.
The one of the trendiest professions to get into nowadays is in the makeup industry.  Becoming a professional makeup artist is no easy task.  Beyond trends, one has to know and understand the art of beauty and through the years of experience Bobby Carlos has finally made a mark in the industry.  Proof? of success is measured by association and branding with one of the best names in the industry--Max Factor.

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