Thursday, August 18, 2011

Blessing in Disguise

From left to right:  Associate styists Rudolph Leonor, Reg Rodriguez,Mikka Velasquez and Donna Gonzales Lim with the author(center).
Every Friday is work in the paper mill at the port area where this author humbly takes part in closing one of the sections of a leading newspaper. But last week, the author had to cut short his stay because of a promise to his team to attend the SOFA(School of fashion and the Arts) Graduation Show at Manansala in Rockwell.  Braving the traffic was no easy task most specially during a Friday rush hour where the streets of Manila become an uncompromising labyrinth of traffic. With barely a stroke of luck, this author found his way to the mall after more than an hour of traveling in and out of sardine packed roads.  After finally meeting up with everyone, we headed to Manansala to see the show.  When we got to the venue, we saw on her way out was Preview's EIC Pauline Juan.  We were uber fashionably late and barely had a glimpse of the collection--the place was super packed.  Well, this author had an idea of what they were anyway since one of his associate stylists Mikka Velasquez ( a designer who's part of the first batch who graduated from SOFA) did a shoot for his column Multiple Choice in the Allure section of The Philippine Star which is coming out in a couple of weeks.  Congratulations to the second batch and to SOFA!  This new breed of young designers will hopefully add more color to the world of Philippine fashion.  When the show finally ended, we rushed for the elevator to try to avoid the maddening crowd going down.  As soon as we got out, we couldn't help but take a group photo since it's a rare occasion that all of us are complete after an event (normally the author would miss out on the night outs).  Nevertheless, its something that happens on a rare occasion and tonight was one of those. Loving this time off work when our eyes wonder to check out what's happening out there... the possibilities are endless.

From left to right:  Rudolph wearing a white tee and pants both by Topman, custom made blazer by belt by SM, bag by Vivienne Westwood and shoes by Zara; Reg wearing a blouse by Zara, skirt from Bangkok, watch by Pacific Blue, accessories by Anagon collection, a gifted bag and booties by Parisian; Mikka wearing a top by icandy, printed pants by F21, bag by Dorothy perkins, shoes by Michael Antonio;  and Donna Gonzales Lim wearing a dress used as top from Bangkok, skirt by Zara and shoes by H & M.
The author wearing white v neck shirt by Uniqlo, Military trench by Zara, pinstriped
trousers and lace up shoes both by Joey Samson, bracelet by Firma and white

 framed glasses from Edit(Singapore).
Style file.
Thank you so much to all you readers who visited or even followed this blog.  Started this online journey early this year and couldn't even imagine it would get this far.  My sincerest gratitude for those who really pushed this author in doing it most specially to one of my dearest friends Katrina Holigores and Tita Rosary Ysmael.  Life is indeed full of inspiration and endless imagination.  This blog aspires to be a source of information and continue to be a medium in bringing relevance to Philippine fashion.  Thanks to the universe for gifting this realization, it is truly more than a blessing.  

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