Thursday, August 11, 2011

Private Eyes

After all the talk on print, radio, television and online about underwear endorsers, the latest to cause a storm to the imagination is one of the hottest member of the Philippine's Azkal team --Neil Leonard Dula Etheridge.  Sizzling in the current Folded & Hung underwear campaign, the irresistible national athlete dares to bare his aspirational demi-god like physique in one of the sexiest ad campaigns ever made.  The colossal six-foot three stunner of English-Filipino decent is the favorite "goalkeeper" of the team and also plays the same role professionally for Fulham FC of the English Premier League. Gorgeous and tantalizing, those gazing eyes exude a magnitude of magnetism that captures the beholders attention and makes one want for more.  Check out this blog in the next few days as well unfold the underwear campaign of F & H that gives a whole new meaning to modern sexy.  In the meantime, feast your eyes on this teaser photo and just a food for thought, do you think this would ever make it to the billboards here in Manila? Your guess maybe as good as mine. 

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