Friday, August 19, 2011

Stepping Up

A movement currently happening in the Philippine retail industry is the rise of visual imaging for one of the most basic style essential--shoes.  This author and his style team recently worked on an exciting project which was a campaign for two local shoe brands.  The new direction for shoe ads is gravitating towards trendsetting style and high fashion.  It was a whole day shoot with two of the most popular Brapanese (Brazilian-Japanese) imports in the country--Akihiro Sato and Fabio Ide.  These high profile professional models turned t.v. personalities were very nice, cooperative, unassuming, warm and quite funny.  With so many layouts to do, work turned out to be fun play in the studio, out under the sun and even running under the rain. Both who have modeled in the Asian region for quite sometime showed their admirable expertise and experience in this glamour filled profession. Here are some behind the scenes of the campaign shoot.  Will definitely post the final ads here as soon as the material comes out.  

Fashion flash.
Designer's rack of plenty.
Color correct.
Modern hues.
Akihiro Sato air brushed by makeup artist Bobby Carlos.
The scene before the shoot started.
Associate stylist Donna Gonzales Lim and the author prepping up Akihiro Sato.

Akihiro Sato, the author(in glasses) with apprentices K Miranda, Jaja Bolos, Slegna Coo and Hannah de la Paz.

Face painter Bobby Carlos on canvas Fabio Ide.
Hair stylist Jaime Sy and Associate stylist Reg Rodriguez touches up on Fabio.
Cast of characters.
Photographer Vince Salumbides call the shots.
Channeling Dior.

The author wearing white v-neck top and denim drawstring both by Uniqlo,
vintage sunglasses by Firma and shoes by Cardams.

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