Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Chic Fling

Modeling is a short term career, the maximum lifespan of the average model can last between 5-7 years while the really exceptional ones can last more than a decade.   One good example of the handful is model Tessa Nieto-Villalon ( one of my first batch of model babies).  She started her career in modeling as an endorser of Cinderella and later on did countless beauty product endorsements here in Manila. Blessed with an immaculate beauty and long black silky hair, the 5'5 stunner fell in love with modeling and decided to give it a shot.  After exhausting the local advertising market, she is one of the handful Filipina  models who have successfully penetrated the regional modeling circuit.  
Through the years, she was able to move from one country to another and started building a name in Asia.  Regional campaigns came here way left and right eventually  uplifting her modeling career to stellar status.  Despite the success. Tessa knew that modeling wouldn't last a lifetime, and decided to use this "saving" time til she came up with her next step in life.  When she finally decided to take a hiatus from modeling, Tessa went to the Polimoda Fashion School in Florence, Italy and took up fashion merchandising and management.  In the course of higher learning, she developed her passion for fashion and fell in love with the city. After finishing her masters in a years time, Tessa was immediately hired by Tyler in the Philippines which gave her a sign to finally come home.  Three years passed by so fast and her wonderful experience as merchandising manager for women's tops division taught her the ropes in the industry.  Her stint with Tyler unfortunately came to an end a few months after  she opened a new chapter in her life-- marriage.  With her new responsibilities in life, a balance was needed between work and being a wife.  After months of taking a break, she finally decided to embark into something that wouldn't be too time constraining and at the same time convenient for her new lifestyle--thus Florence Fling came about.

Florence Fling is a  small scale retail brand that's all about chic affordable fashion.  The brand name came about as a recall from her unforgettable experience and love for the city.  Inspired by    upcoming trends and movement in global fashion, the label to watch is a definite standout from the ordinary.  Mix and matching combinations, excellent fabrication and impeccable fitting sets their limited pieces apart from what's available in the market.  Armed with a masters degree in fashion and backed up by branding experience, Florence Fling is success waiting to happen.  Targeting women from age 20-35, the brand aims to create a look in between trendy and classic.  The modern bohemian- artsy-kitschy feel in soft and sophisticated fabrics calls to mind brands like Missoni, Etro, Marni, Isabel Marant, Nanette Lepore and even hints of Dries Van Noten.

Thinking ahead, Tessa dreams of her online brand to have a store of its own. The vision is to be  able to capture a niche market and constantly fill in their wardrobes with chic pieces which they can use over and over again.  Looking at the bigger picture, with so much passion there is endless love and inspiration.  The undying drive steers clear over and above the reality of obstacles and hurdles that come along the way.  There is always the thrill and excitement to create when it stems from something soulful.  Beyond seasons and trends, these creations from the heart are destined to last a lifetime.

Tessa Nieto Villalon wearing a gray Multi-way knitted jacket/cardigan by Tyler, white
tank top by Topshop, jeans by J Brand, necklace by Ken Samudio, shoes from
Singapore and shoulder bag by MiuMiu.

Check out Florence Fling at http://theflorencefling.multiply.comfacebook.com/theflorencefling
or email them at  theflorencefling@yahoo.com

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