Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 5: Singapore Menswear Fashion Week 2011-Jerome Lorico and Jasler Ubaldo

Show time!!!  Finally after days of preparations at the convention hall, the Filipino participants to the Singapore Menswear Fashion Week 2011 are more than ready to unveil their design masterpiece .  Came in early and took backstage photos of the other two designers--Jerome Lorico and Jasler Ubaldo.  I will be having a separate entry for Joey Samson since there might be an overload of pictures if I put them all in one.  Singapore based Jasler Hubalde is the designer of Jail Jeans.  One look at their clothes rack one work comes to mind--rock star. The label's collection took jeans to a whole new level of edge with crystals and metallic decor detailing.  Modern cuts and silhouettes displayed contemporary denim for men from this designer who's a third generation from a family of traditional tailors.  A standout collection definitely at its best for the stage or under the spotlight.
Jasler Hubalde for Jail Jeans.
Team Jasler.
Boot camp.
Men at Work.

Lorico's collection was a display of modern fusion and experimentation of fabrication.  Textural appeal dramatically showcased contemporary menswear in a different light with on the radar silhouettes.  Up to date styling in noteworthy attractions is refreshingly appealing for the fashion forward man-ner of dressing.  The ingenious usage of sea grass  in shoes is brilliantly worthy of applause.  The cohesive collection features a certain uniqueness in design without compromising identity and fashion.   
The collection.
Haute Hat.
Team Lorico.
Shoe stopper.


  1. Correction I think the designer of jail jeans name is jasler ubaldo not hubalde ...thanks...

  2. Jasler Ubaldo, you're the man!! Congrats to you and Jail Jeans!

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  4. Where we can buy those shoes on Jerome Lorico's collection?

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