Sunday, April 10, 2011

Style Origin 2: Trinoma

This summer, our team was lucky enough to do a series of fashion shows entitled "Style Origin".  The season long activity showcases the latest collections from top brands that you can find in any Ayala Mall.  Fashion will never be the same this season under the sun as Ayala Mall unfolds a platform of endless stylish ideas for your everyday wardrobe.  I actually missed out on posting the first of the series which is the Greenbelt show but you can check out for some behind the scenes action.  Will be updating you on the Style Origin as the team moves from one mall to the other.  Quite exciting for the team and looking forward to each brand's collection.  No need to worry about the looks, there's definitely a style find for everyone.  Don't miss the shows coming up, you'll never know it might be the next Ayala mall nearest you.  You can check out the events at

Fashion Beats
Fusion of fashion and music
March 25- May 22
Dialogue with
 Nigel Barker
 J. Alexander
April 14- April 16
Filipino design talks
Brian Tenorio
March 15- May 12

Trinoma:  Model Line Up
June wearing shirt and jacket both by Guess, jeans by Levis and slippers by Speedo.
Peter wearing shirt by F & H, pants by A/X, belt by Guess, sunglasses from
Bangkok, accessories by H & M and shoes from Sweden.
James wearing a shirt by Zara, pants by River Island and high cuts by Vans.
Dindi wearing a black dress by Topshop and vest by Esprit. 
Melissa wearing a black dress by Cotton On, vest by Luxe(US), boots from
Germany and bag by Longchamp.
Marx wearing a polo by Michael Kors, shirts and jeans by F & H and shoes by Puma.
Justin wearing pants by Zara, tank and ring both by H&M, watch by
Rolex and heels by Steve Madden.
Jasmine wearing a top by XOXO, pants by Mich Dulce and flats by Crocs.
Karina wearing top by Zara, shorts by Freego, hat and shoes by F & H.
Geron wearing sweatshirt by Gap, jeans by Lucky and shoes by Vans.
Nathaniel wearing a shirt by H & M, jeans by Levis and shoes by Converse.
Fatima wearing top and shorts by Zara, belt by Blanco sandal by Aldo.
Marie Anne wearing a dress by F21, belt by warehouse and flats by Steve Madden.
Daryl wearing a bonnet by Quicksilver, jeans by DSquared and sneakers by Vans.
Ornusa wearing a white blouse and shoes both by Topshop and denim shorts by Levis.
Robby wearing a denim polo by Topman, pants by H & M, shoes by Muji and
sunglasses from Quiapo.
Val wearing hat and top both by Topshop, skirt by F21, sandals by Renegade Folk
and bag  by S'pore.
Girlie wearing a top by Cotton On, skirt from HongKong, shoes by Stella Luna, bag
from Bangkok 
and jewelry by Girlie Benitez Jewelry.
Lou wearing a top by People are People, shorts by Valentino and boots by Crossings.
Philippe wearing a top by Esprit and denims by FMCE.
The Style Team
Mikka wearing a Honeysuckle Pink dollman top by Mikka Velasquez, shorts by
shoes by Syrup and bag by Parisian.
Donna wearing a top by F21, skirt by Cotton On, shoes by Virtualmae and "Spy"
bag by Fendi.
Rudolph wearing shirt by Topman, DIY vest, pants by Pac-sun, shoes and bag by 
Urban Outfitters, chain bracelet by Topmanand studded bracelets by Terranova.
Reg wearing a DIY vest, shirt by Topshop, shorts by PLFand booties by Chickflick
The author wearing a white v-neck top by Uniqlo, military green trousers by Zara, 
eyeglasses by Edit, shoes by Margiela and bag by Balenciaga.
 The production team:  JCA

Power House Cast (from left to right) Fashion Show Director Jackie Aquino wearing
eyeglasses by Sonia Rykiel and shoes by Prada. BJ Santos wearing a 
shirt by A/X, 
pants by Zara and shoes by Lacoste.PMAP President Phoemela Barranda wearing a
top by Get Laud, skirt by F21, shoes by VNC and bag by Chanel.
A-Men.  Gary Dulatas wearing a shirt by Lacoste, pants Uniqlo and shoes by
Yoshi wearing a top by H&M, pants by True Religion and shoes by Y3. Poli wearing a top from Australia, sweater by Baleno, pants by Surplus Shop and
shoes from Bangkok.
True Blood.  Mother Jackie with niece Erin wearing a sweatshirt by F21, pants by Zara
shoes by Vans.
Ayala Trinoma's Candy Nepomoceno wearing a floral dress by Zara, shoes by Dorothy
Perkins and 
bag by Mango.
Last call.

A closet full of clothes.
Waiting for tonight.
The participating brands.
The Style Origins stage set up.

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