Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Tokyo Drift

After a series of Objects D' Art, the author decided to take a short break and put in a resto entry for a change. Monday last week, half of the team was already on vacay while the rest had to do a shoot.  The team had to get the pullouts as soon as the mall opened so we could set up and prepare for the shoot at 2pm.  The pullout  was quick so the author decided to bring the kids to somewhere they haven't been for lunch--Little Tokyo.  Located somewhere beside Makati Cinema Square, the Japanese village inspired area is like an oversized zen garden surrounded by interesting quaint Japanese restaurants.  One wouldn't expect a cluster of restos in the heart of Makati since side by side or block by block buildings stand tall in towering proportions.  A study in contrast it may seem, but being there a little before noon felt like we were transported to Japan.  Style takes a new form with interesting landscapes and design.  So serene and quiet, I could almost hear stillness speak.  As much as we wanted to go around and check everything out, the scorching heat on our skin made us feel we were literally baked under the sun.  After our realization and take note we didn't bring sunscreen, we rushed for cover and ended up in Nodasho.

A whole new world.
Wishing for the yellow brick road.

No sticks, all stones.
Food for thought.
So we ended up in this restaurant and were their first guests of the day.  The author unfortunately wasn't able to take pictures because it was too dark and honestly didn't think he had a camera until after our meal.  We had sushi, sashimi, noodles and salad marinated in vinegar--yummy.  Everything was fresh, and I don't mean from long storage or fridge.  People started coming in and all the customers were either Japanese or Caucasians-we were the only Filipinos at the time.  The menu had an extensive selection of sashimi, sushi and noodles not mention their special lunch offerings. The food overall was fab, not too heavy and most importantly super reasonable.  Definitely planning to come back with the team in complete attendance, and am sure everyone will be in for a gastronomic delight. Something all the foodies out there will truly love. 

Mikka wearing a top, necklace and sunglasses all by Forever 21, skirt by
Wisdom, bag by Longchamp and shoes by Matthews.
Rudolph wearing a white top by H & M, trousers by Mundo, belt by SM, sunglasses
by Ray Ban, messenger bag and shoes both by Topshop, 
The author wearing organic tee by Pull and Bear, black linen trousers by Uniqlo, 
pinstriped shoes by Joey Samson, sunglasses by Balenciaga and oversized quilted 
tote by Vera Bradley.
Nodasho Japanese Restaurant, Unit 14 Little Tokyo, 2277 Chino Roces St., Makati City.
Tel 8402741.

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