Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mozza Bravo

Food!  A passion of mine to last a lifetime.  While the author was in Singapore to support designer Joey Samson for taking taking part in the  inaugural Menswear Fashion Week held at the Marina Bay Sands, we couldn't help but think of our dining itinerary in between breaks.  Walking around the huge Marina Bay Sands can take the whole day but once hunger hits you, whatever catches your eye first becomes the destination.  After spending the whole morning checking, fixing and finishing up minor adjustments with the clothes, Joey and I decided to have lunch at the popular Pizzeria and Osteria Mozza.  The world-class restaurant by Mario Batali ( a master chef of italian cuisine) is an adaptation of the original in California with some additions to the menu.  The food was outstandingly delicious and we were both savoring all the flavors in our mouth.  We took our time eating moving from one dish to another  with a gastronomic high.  From the bone marrow appetizer, to the suckling pig entree and prociutto pizza, Batali's brilliance is all worth it and one shouldn't miss if they happen to be in Singapore.  Everything exceeded the author's expectations as a foodie, and we wanted to indulge a bit more leaning towards gluttony but thank God time was on our side coz we were about to meet photographer Joan Bitagcol (coming straight from the airport) someplace else.  wouldn't mind coming back, it was definitely a great dining experience.

The Bar.

The relaxed dining area.

The table is set.

Bone marrow with marinated garlic and toast.

Suckling pig with salad.

Prociutto pizza with arugula and truffle oil.

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