Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Voice

The whole blogging community in the Philippines is a phenomenon.  Years back, this author had resistance to such and was constantly prodded by PR, industry people and friends to create a blog.  Maybe it was something new at that time and was hesitant to get into something unknown.  Filled with a lot of responsibilities working with the broadsheet (Philippine Star's Allure section), glossy magazine (METRO), teaching (SOFA) and fashion styling for advertising,  it was hard back then to start something that would entail a certain amount of time and devotion.  Through constant convincing from good friends, it was only on the first day of this year when my decision to start one finally happened.  Though the amount of workload still fills up my day to day schedule, this fairly new commitment is a fun fulfilling medium of self-expression that connects one to a vast universe of online social existence.
Was recently invited to a bazaar by Bloggers United(a prestigious organization of young and popular bloggers) and was amazed by the multitude of people who came.  It was a gathering of a whole new world of youthquake and testimony that the online universe is a powerful tool of communication.  Yes, the new force to reckon with is still growing into the millions of uniqueness united in a global platform.  
Voices can now be heard and streamlined with technology and its advances to the future.  From the simple to the complex of stereotypes, the strength of individuality is acknowledged in varying levels of substance or form, or both. Whether a story, observation, insights, visual narrative or whatever you may call it, everyone in this virtual world is worthy of something to say.  After all in this day and age where the progressive net culture ceases to exist, we have the right to speak our mind.

Modern communication.
Blog this way! (from left to right)  stylenarratives, thedressupdoll,miss donata and heyrocketgirl.
Bloggers United! Grabbed some photos from heyrocketgirl.

Who's the fairest of them all? 
Style sisters Jeanne Khe and heyrocketgirl.

Black and white by thedressupdoll Nicole Santos and Camille Crisostomo.
Serious fun.

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