Saturday, June 11, 2011

A view for a meal

Lunch dates are always a fun thing to do.  This author was invited recently at the Pan Pacific Hotel by PR Kathy Manuel for a quick lunch and a bit of occular inspection of their newly renovated rooms.  The well-lit and spacious interiors of the rooms were quite impressive and displayed a fusion of modern design and hints of Filipiniana.  Wanted to take pictures but unfortunately the rooms won't be available until this July.  According to the grapevine, there are still final touches to be added within the month and this all the more makes it exciting.  After the quick look, we headed to the Pacific Lounge located at the topmost floor to have lunchies. Arriving at the venue, one can't help but notice the breathtaking view of the Manila Bay area.  You could see clear blue skies, the endless blue waters vanishing towards the horizon, the entire CCP Complex, Manila Yacht Club and nearby 5 star hotels.  The perfect  setting if you want a grand view such as this.  Lunch was super as seen on the pictures below, didn't get to take a photo of the main course which was the fabulous beef bulalo (honestly the camera got totally screwed and by the time this author was able to fix it, my meal was gone).  Feast your eyes on these special lunch treats and if you're in the Malate area why not drop by.

Nature Green Tea is a mix of peppermint, pineapple and calamansi juice perfect for
that refreshing punch.
Gambas and Scallops Ala Jillo sauteed in extra virgin olive oil with garlic and chili.
My favorite tomato and mozerella.
Chocolate Souffle with warm churros and cappuccino sauce.
Baked Apple with vanilla Polenta filling, mascarpone and Calvados sauce.
Pan Pacific Hotel is located at M. Adriatico corner Gen. Malvar Streets, Malate , Manila City 1004 Philippines. For reservations call +63 2 318 0788 or Fax:+63 2 302 9501.

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