Monday, June 6, 2011

Pride of a Nation

One of the most prestigious international jewelry magazine presents on their latest cover a masterpiece the Philippines would be proud of --Jewelmer.  The prized and captivating allure of our country's best goldenly shines in its natural splendor.  The golden pearl, a rare a true gem cultivated in our breathtaking waters is truly something Filipinos can call their own.  The national treasure is modernized through contemporary design and form to standout in the global platform of jewelry making.  In the Philippines, nothing can compare to the longevity of mother earth's wonder that has surpassed the passage of time. Its cultural presence can be dated back to pre-Hispanic era and continues to monumentally reinvent itself in modern tradition.  Jewelmer, the guardians and the safe keeper of the South Sea Pearl, embodies as the premiere treasure trove of infinite possibilities that triumphs in crowning the national gem in all its shining glory from here and beyond.    

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