Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Style Bible

The hottest profession in Philippine fashion today--styling.  Most kids nowadays dream of becoming one in their attempt to follow their passion, indulge in their personal fashion (shopping), encounter with a lot of celebrities,  or simple because of the fact that the greater majority find it "cool".  Being a stylist is no easy task for it entails research, resourcefulness, discipline, attention to detail and most importantly style.  If you really want to have an idea of what this whole new world is all about, the editors of Style.com came up with a book entitled "Stylist:  The Interpreters of Fashion"(Rizzoli)--a tribute to 16 of the best fashion forward thinkers in the business.  The prestigious stellar lineup include Paul Cavaco, Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele, Grace Coddington, Edward Enninful, Lori Goldstein, Tonne Goodman, Andrea Lieberman, Polly Mellon, Camilla Nickerson, Carine Roitfeld, Venetia Scott, Karl Templer, Melanie Ward, Alex White, Brana Wolf, and Joe Zee.
The book showcases a glimpse of the body of work of these fashion insiders and how their foresight in style affects the global world of trendsetting.  Interviewed by author and chronicler Sara Mower, these renowned stylists reveal through interviews life at the forefront of fashion.  A must-have for those who want to take this new profession seriously.     Fashion styling is a modern art form beyond than its preconception of just putting clothes together.

PS. Thanks to the author's associate fashion stylist Donna Gonzales Lim for thinking of the title of this entry.

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