Saturday, June 18, 2011

Point of Inspiration

Rustan's Makati is celebrating its Italian Festival and with it the uber chic department store has come up with a number of must-go activities.  This author was recently at the store for clothing selection and fitting for their up and coming Italian Festival fashion show to be held next week.  At the second level and right at the center of The Gallery is a fashion installation of mannequins dressed up in a bountiful display of flora. Inspired from works by renowned Mannerist painter Guiseppe Arcimboldo (popularly known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of such objects as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, and books), the Rustan's visual merchandising team led by Zenas Pineda (formerly of Rustan's and its visual display team) created overwhelming and interesting art gowns.  These outstanding executions are brimming with creativity and calls to mind works of fashion legends and in modern times designs of Erdem and the likes.  Love how these arresting and artistic pieces can give you a moment of thought and wonder in oblivion.  Florals have always been part of legendary fashion names and houses.  From clothes to makeup and even hair styling, their endless reinvention is living through history with much amazement in both fantasy and reality.  The process of inspiration is the take off point in any piece of creation.  It is an expression borne from imagination leading to endless interpretations of design in the art of fashion.

Couture in flora.
In full detail.
Celebrating hues.
The secret garden.
Bouquet of delight.
Up close and personal.
Flower art.
Coiffure couture.


  1. These are lovely!

  2. @Gillian Super lovely, it took my breathe away. thanks for dropping by :-)