Saturday, September 13, 2014

Different Strokes

Iconic Filipino designer Rhett Eala painting fashion in various points of hues.  Strokes of genius come alive in a palette of both vivid and bold as it tickles the imagination. A piece of clothing is a blank canvass and through the designer's artistry it is transformed into a fine masterpiece. Nothing but admiration can be given to this ingenious artist who's passion for fashion brushes anew in local ready to wear. Classic silhouettes are painterly reinvented in beautiful dresses and gowns every woman would want. The simplicity of clean lines with masterful embellishments and details transform the simple to extraordinary. Art successfully presented in luxe fabrication creates a seamless and modern design perspective. The new collection channels the union of both feminine and sexiness in refinement.  The freedom of creative energy channels the artist's lifestyle and sensibilities into contemporary impressions in extraordinary creations.

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