Tuesday, September 30, 2014

People Asia's Women of Style and Substance 2014

People Asia's Women of Style an Substance 2014 was held yesterday at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza in Manila.  This author and his team was tasked to style and direct the mini fashion show featuring the clothes of Vise Versa and bags by Hartmann. Starting the day at 9am, the team had to set up backstage and made sure that everything was in order.  Steaming clothes, arranging racks, sequencing the pieces and organizing accessories was done in a couple of hours til rehearsal.  Rehearsals with the models started at 2pm and since most of us were "family", it only took us 1 run to do everything.  Fighting against the winter weather temperature in the ballroom, we were all trickling in and out to get some warmth, a bit of sun and a stick of cigarette to burn.  After the quick rehearsal, hair and makeup followed.  One by one the girls sat in front of the mirror to be dolled up by NARS into the look that was set for the show. As always, backstage was seemingly like a playground filled with kids and once again the team travelled through time back into our teenage years.  A familiar setting everyone seem to enjoy since no one was unfamiliar. As the show started, everyone was set in high spirits to present a good show.  The fashion show ended on a high note and nothing can compare to having a great time with an amazing fashion family.  Fashion and play together never feels like work.

Salon selective.

Hair apparent.

Close your eyes.

Prepping up.

Sunset selfie break.

In the fix.

Makeup team.

Final touches.

Mirror mirror on the wall.

First Look.

On with the show.

The author with Allure's Bum Tenorio and Philippine Star's Christine Dayrit.

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