Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tokyo Landing 2

Beef sukiyaki is a popular Japanese dish worldwide but to have it in the land of its origin is something else.  From the trade show at the New Otani hotel, the Jewelmer team decided to have lunch at the Asakaya area-this is the destinating in between the key areas .  The art of dining in Japan is like a sacred ceremony.  One can't help notice the attention to detail from the arrangement of the plating, the food styling and the way the dish is served.  Everything is fresh! From the appetizers to salad to the main course, the gastronomic delight is made in heaven and nothing is frozen. Like all aspects of their lifestyle, the Japanese treats food with respect. One of the best cuisines in the world,  one can guarantee its high grade quality. One can't help but savor the flavor as it melts in your mouth.  

Streets of Asakaya.



Soft serve.

Table setting.

Prime service.

Seeing red.

The author with Jewelmer's Jacques Branellec and Style Weekend's editor Liza Ilarde.

The author.

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