Friday, September 12, 2014

Tokyo Landing 1

All firsts are milestones.  Seeing Tokyo was like opening my eyes to the world as if I was just born.  One can't help but love the vibe of the city as it unfolds an amazing cityscape that works with nature.  This author was sent by Philippine pearl brand Jewelmer to mark history in both countries.  After 138 years, prestigious luxury department stores Isetann and Mitsukoshi welcomes the golden south sea pearl into their roster of fine jewelry lined up with the likes of Cartier, Bulgari, Mikimoto, Chanel, Piaget etc.  Jewelmer is a priceless work of nature that has been adorned by the Japanese for its beauty and luxe standard of quality.  The "golden" national gem is a standout amidst the sea of sparkles and shine as it captivates even the most discerning of taste. Witnessing this unforgettable first in Philippine Pearl history is an honor as it again puts our country at the top of the world.  Love the Japanese culture as it offers impeccable gastronomic cuisine, chic fashion and fantastic nightlife. Tokyo is a sanctuary where style and cultural diversity exists under an unspoken code of discipline.  One of the melting pots of the world, it has become a fast-paced center where directions are looking optimistically forward.  Looking forward to coming back to this city and feast your eyes on my amazing travel experience through the photo gallery.

Tokyo here we go with Style Weekend's Liza Ilarde, the author and Jewelmer's Mia San Agustin.

The golden south sea pearl crowns the empire of the sun.

Surreal attractions. Ana intercontinental was home for our 3 day stay.

Dinner for three.


Three's Company.

Night cap at Mixx Bar and Lounge at te hotel.

Play of whites.

A room with a view.

Jewelmer's "Mon Secret" with SC Vizcarra black leather clutch are the perfect arm candy.

The setting for Isetann's private exhibition where top luxury brands from all over world participated.

Jewelmer making history.

The Jewelmer section.

The latest prized piece from Jewelmer.  Golden South Sea Pearl sculpturally set in gold and diamonds  from their "Tropical" collection.

The event.

Garden setting.

Path to solitude.


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