Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Fashion and travel is the perfect combination.  With fashion editorials, destination locations create the mood, landscape, vibe and at times a statement as it becomes the backdrop of a shoot.  Asian Dragon and Asian Dragon bride( glossies in te Philippines) recently flew to Bangkok to fill postcard perfect pages in breathtaking style narratives.  Photographed by Jo Ann Bitagcol, this author and the team including editor Liza Ilarde were transported to various breathtaking locations close to the heart of the city.  In fashion, work and play produce outstanding results when the energy becomes one and everyone becomes family.  Despite the unbearable heat of the equatorial weather, the team breezed through shooting in historical and public landmarks to produce a memorable body of work.  After shooting for two days, bringing three huge boxes of clothes filled with gowns, dresses, accessories from the best designers in the Philippines was definitely worthwhile.  Life behind the fashion scene isn't all that gloss for to produce a great photo entails hard work.  No one really know what it takes to achieve an amazing shot when it comes out in the magazine, but the reality of it all is a lot of hands at work.  Passion, discipline, dedication, artistry and the pursuit of perfection all rolled into one bring out the best.  Beyond the "glossy" job, the company you keep with great laughs, quality time and of course fantastic gastronomic adventure truly make this trip one for the books.  Til the next one!

The A Team.  The author with model Jasmin Maierhofer, Asia Dragon's Francesca de la Cruz, Asia Dragon Bride and Style Weekend Editor Liza Ilarde and photographer Jo Ann Bitagcol.

River View.
Arresting Beauty.

The look of Fall.  Jo Ann Bitagcol and Jasmine Maierhofer in action.

Modern Geometry.

Linear perspective.

Tres Amigos.  The author with Liza Ilarde and Jo Ann Bitagcol.

Behind the "scene".

Edit, edit, edit.

How low can you go.

What lies beneath.

Photographer model.

Self We.

Its a wrap with dumbo. The author with Liza Ilarde, Francesca de la Cruz, Jasmine Maierhofer and Jo Ann Bitagcol.

Light me a river.

All aboard.  The author with model Jasmine Maierhofer.

View from the river cruise.
Time to say goodbye.  The author with photographer Jo Ann Bitagcol.

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