Sunday, September 28, 2014

Asian Dragon 2014

As a fashion stylist for more than two decades, creating an editorial is never a job but an exercise on free flowing creativity. After the thematic or conceptual direction is given, an explosive and spontanious synergy of passion happens.  The team becomes one in a distinct momentum of high energy that overflows almost everywhere.  A mood and look is set to create an atmosphere and translate a visual narrative of fashion.  The latest Asian Dragon shoot took the artists to the streets of Makati city at night.  Guerrilla it was as the team captured moments amidst the constant passing of vehicles and the slight presence rain.  Style reigned that night as the dark but glistening road was brightened up by Mida's touch in ensembles that looked like glittering stars. Dresses, gowns, seperates and a wide range of jewelry and accessories shimmered with a look of luxe all in its glorious splendor.  From one layout to another, the escalating energy brought the team with an all time high in the pursuit of style perfection.  And as the night ended, the visionary appeal in a couple of hours of work made another fantasy a reality-this is what fashion is all about.

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