Saturday, September 13, 2014

Mich Dulce X Zacarias by SC Vizcarra

The pride of the Philippines, SC Vizcarra's Zacarias line collaborates with international Filipino designer Mitch Dulce with a limited edition collection for both London and Paris fashion week 2015. Brilliant musings using a combination of surfaces display an amazing design perspective worthy of distinction. One can't help but notice the seamless fusion of textures channeling the modernity of form.  Irreverently intelligent, the outstanding creations display fashioned art with a whimsical twist.  Brilliant sculptural forms display the rawness of beauty in functional perspectives. Currently catching the eye of the fashion and design industries,  their presence is creating an impact as they captivate the market with what is truly globally Filipino. In depth, there is a conscious effort in pushing the envelope as both cultural identity and local artistry remarkably is of world class standards.  Mitch Dulce x Zacarias is a visionary statement that will hopefully inspire the Filipino talent to take the big leap forward.   Here are a few pieces from the fashion week collection.

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