Friday, July 1, 2011

Its Raining Men

Philippine retail fashion is currently going through the change of the season.  For the modern Filipino male one may ask, what's there to look forward to?  Aside from the rains, SM Mens Fashion officially started their annual Just Delivered Jeans campaign featuring the latest, hottest and most wanted jeans in the local denim-nation. Enter the world of seduction as jeans gear up towards going all out sexy.  Brave the season anew with manly confidence and display your hidden assets!  Show off your irresistible appeal with latest fit, cut and style that perfectly warms you up for the cold months ahead.  Find the perfect pair and get into to the mood with the coolest and current hues to release that uninhibited style attraction. Go fearless! Boost your confidence and feel the sexy vibe with comfort and ease in contemporary jeans fashion.  The iconic denim takes a whole new spin on reinventing the classic and introduces a refreshing wardrobe fitting for the modern man of style. This season at SM, watch out as temperatures rise high with all eyes set on a whole load of jeans and men.    

From left to right:  Drew Rivera, Samir Ayeb, Hideo Muraoka, Duane Stagoll and Abs Abdelkader.
The perfect abs.
Denim monotone.
Rebel with a cause.
Perfect fit.
Jeans seduction.
Style comfort.
Style fitting.
JUst Delivered Jeans is from July 1 to September 30, 2011.  SM Mens Fashion is available in all SM Department Stores nationwide.

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