Friday, July 29, 2011

Life in a Capsule

Five full days working on a "capsule collection" for a menswear section of a major department store is no joke.  Doing one is like doing a basic style guide to educate buyers with simple visuals on how to put a look together.  Though the past five days maybe quite tedious and taxing, with good company and laughter every so often, the feeling is just like doing some school project with a lot fun ( plus food and coffee) in between.  Sometimes the most difficult to style is really dressing up in basics.  This means stripping everything added on (accessories) to camouflage or highlight a look and making something super clean and simple.  Piling up one thing over the other is easy and style opens its door to a multitude of facets but the work at hand required quite the opposite. Making extraordinary with the ordinary entails a lot of brain activity resulting to a process of constant deduction--thus, less is more. The team was tasked to put together more than eight sardine packed racks spanning over 5 categorical divisions--in the beginning we thought this lookbook exercise was an endless ordeal that would probably take one more than a week to achieve.  If you think dressing up real people is hard, then try doing it with mannequins--the fit has to be perfect.  It was no easy feat or a walk in the park but with sheer dedication, focus and undivided attention, everything worked out as planned.  And after the all those days being encapsulated by products inside the head office, the team realized one facet of fashion styling which is the essence of back to basics.

Let's face it.
Which is which?
Tabula rasa.
All racked up.
Secret code.
Shutter speed.
Helping hands.
Stripped down.
All in the detail.
Style file.
Modern Preppy.
The team.  Revo Naval, Mikka Velasquez, Slegna Coo, Hannah de la Cruz, Rudolph Leonor and K Miranda ( and Jaja Bolos not in photo).

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