Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sole Searching

The Philippine shoe industry is regaining back its high after more than a decade of sole searching.  After the glory days of Marikina (known for producing the best local shoes) which happened in the 60's-70's, the shoe-making business was at a halt as the influx and clamor for foreign brands took over the shoe stopping landscape.  Today, the local shoe retail industry in the last 5 years or so has gained back its popularity with fashion forward designs, contemporary materials and affordability.  Local brands such as Janilyn, Parisian, Solea, Sapato Manila, T and have stepped back into competition and paved the way to the rise of more brands in the market.  Their insightful success opened the door to a new avenue in the local fashion industry and given rise to what we call made to order.  
In Manila, pioneering the made to order business in the 21st century is one the most respectable local designers who has become a household name and successfully worked in the international fashion scene, master shoemaker Cesar Gaupo. Through the years, this was followed by young aspiring designers and one of them is the talented artist Maco Custodio.  Known in the inner circles of the fashion and entertainment industry, the young master has created a good reputation from his brilliant reinventions of form, play with color and fusion of textures.  His outstanding executions has caught the eye of stylesetters, industry insiders, celebrities and has countlessly appeared on the pages of top glossies and broadsheets in the country.  One can't help marvel at the young master's outstanding and distinct pieces that are truly a mark of his own. Below are images of Maco Custodio's latest creations and collaboration--the name to watch in local shoe fashion.

Reinventing forms.
Two become One.  Straps ingeniously transforms into a rosette.

Sculptural masterpiece made from calf and kidskin 6 inches high with 2 inches of platforms.
Bright moves. Maco Custudio's collaborative masterpiece with stylist Noel Manapat for Sebago is highlighted by electric blue lizard detailing.
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