Monday, July 4, 2011

Old World Glory

History is often times recalled in various exhibitions, tributes and special occasions.  Last month, there were more than a handful commemorative events celebrating our national hero Dr. Jose Rizal's 150th birthday.  One of the more noteworthy affairs was the recent exhibit at Greenbelt 3 by the Escuela Taller de Intramuros entitled " Homenaje"(which means homage in Spanish).  The heritage exhibition featuring traditional sculpting, wood and stone carving and decorative painting revisiting structures and tradition during the Spanish era.  Beautiful pieces displayed through contemporary creations refreshes an almost forgotten past.  Old world charm re-formed and significantly creates awareness in the art of restoration.  
The Escuela Taller Intramuros ( the first Escuela Taller in Asia established in 2009) is a vocational school wherein much focus is given to skills and disciplines in encompassing the field of building construction.  In line with this, there are specialization in carpentry, masonry, metal works, electricity and plumbing.  In addition, made available are enrichment courses in decorative painting finishing, wood/stone carving and sculpting.  They also attend academic classes in building material sciences, measured drawings, cultural heritage, language values formation and mathematics.  
Beyond its beauty, history does repeat itself but in a better way and more modern forms.  The bigger picture here is to encourage more to incorporate tradition into building communities and  promote heritage conservation work to all.

Voice for the future.
Time in reference.
Past revisited.
Pillar of strength.
To have and to gold.
Light of stone.
Set in stone.
Outstanding wooden tapestry.
History repeats itself.
A look into the past.
New tradition.
Arch of the future.
Escuela Taller Intramuros is located at Ravellin de Recoletos, Victoria Street, Intramuros, Manila, Philippines.  Tel (632) 527 6623 or Telfax (632) 525 1986 or email and visit

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